Paddleboarding canal clean-up initiative

One of Leeds University Business School’s Student Sustainability Architect Projects this year was to organise clean-up activities in beauty spots such as beaches, waterways and natural landscapes.

Collaborating with local business River and Dale Adventures a team of staff and students embarked on a Paddleboarding adventure to remove litter and responsibly dispose of debris picked up along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. 

The team spearheading the project included Lecturer in Marketing, Sally Chan and student Priyanka Ratnu.

Sally commented: “We wanted to engage University of Leeds students through positive action to address the need to take care of our physical environment.”

Participant Rabia summed her experience: “Today, I spent a day paddleboarding along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, not just for leisure but to actively contribute to our environment.

It was a fulfilling experience to witness the immediate impact of our efforts as we collected and responsibly disposed of waste along the route.

“This endeavour was more than just cleaning up; it was about fostering a sense of responsibility towards our natural resources and inspiring others to take action.”

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