Business School students gain valuable insights with Asda

18 Business School students recently had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of retail as they attended an Insight Day at the Asda Merchandising Centre of Excellence.

The students, winners of the 'Team & Me' competition, were granted a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of one of the UK's leading supermarket chains.

The 'Team & Me' competition is an initiative for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and aims to encourage teamwork, creativity, and foster a positive contribution to student life.

During their visit, the students gained valuable insights into the various roles and responsibilities within Asda. The students also had the opportunity to participate in a speed networking session with Asda colleagues. This allowed them to interact with professionals from various departments, expanding their understanding of the diverse career paths available within the company.

One of the attendees, Philipp Nolden-Temke, expressed his appreciation for the practical insights gained during the visit, commenting: "The insights into the world of data analysis were really great and very practical! Thank you for answering that many questions!"

The success of the 'Team & Me' initiative and the positive feedback from students highlight the importance of fostering experiential learning opportunities that bridge the gap between academia and industry.