Professor Diane Holt co-authors piece on global university rankings

Professor Diane Holt’s piece on the social impact on global university rankings was recently published in The Conversation.

In the piece, Professor Holt notes that the performance of African universities has improved despite it’s low ranking in the 2024 World University Rankings. Professor Holt also highlights the recent welcome addition of ‘Impact ratings’ which are assessed against the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs) and how several African universities are much higher placed within them:

Some of them are even world leaders in achieving various sustainable development goals.

Professor Holt describes how a ‘trend’ is emerging within these impact ratings as African universities are ‘increasingly working together and with partners globally’. She calls for further research on the role of universities in their communities that is focused on universities in the Global South.

We want to fill these gaps. This is why we have launched a new international, interinstitutional and interdisciplinary research project… ‘African universities as catalysts for social innovation and sustainable development’.

Professor Holt’s project will take place over the next 12 months in order to study how African universities contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read the full article in The Conversation.

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