Business School Partnership Awards 2023 winners announced

The Business School Partnership Awards 2023 winners were announced in March, in the annual celebration of those staff and students who have demonstrated exceptional qualities over the year.

The Partnership Awards are run by LUU (Leeds University Union) to celebrate students and staff who have gone above and beyond to make the Leeds learning experience a good one, and who embody the values of The Leeds Partnership. 

The Partnership is a recognition of the need for all members of the Leeds community to work together to contribute to students’ sense of belonging, and to enable them to make the most of the opportunities available to them during their time at university.

The Awards include several categories and recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals, teams, and societies across the Business School, as decided by nominations from fellow staff and students.


Academic Personal Tutor/Supervisor Award

Winner: Andy Smith
Runner up: Malek El Diri

Feedback and Assessment Award

Winner: Mohammad Faisal Ahammad
Runner up: Tad Gwiazdowski

Inspirational Teaching/Supervisor Award

Winner: Dayananda Palihawadana (Pali)
Runner up: Mohammad Faisal Ahammad

Postgraduate Researcher Award

Winner: Lesslie Valencia-Vera
Runner up: Xinran Wang

Mentor Award

Winner: Vita Kadile
Runner up: Jane Holgate

Equality and Inclusion Award

Winner (staff): Meenakshi Sarkar
Winner (student):  HRM Student Rep Group

Runner up (staff): Liam Vaughan
Runner up (student): John John

Global Award

Winner (staff): Stacey Mottershaw
Winner (student): HRM Student Rep Group

Runner up (staff): Yi Li

Innovation Award

Winner (staff): Tad Gwiazdowski
Winner (student): Hamzeh Qaraman

Runner up (staff): The Sustainability Blueprint Group

School Community Partnership of the Year Award

Winner (staff): Tao Jiang
Winner (student): Taught Student Advisory Group

Runner up (student): Yuta Kimura

Wellbeing Award

Winner (staff): Liam Vaughan and Catherine Porter
Winner (student): James Rawlings

Runner up (staff): Louise Thornhill

Positive Contribution to Student Experience and Opportunities

Winner (staff): Marianne Savory
Winner (student): Safa Kadir

Runner up (staff): Tad Gwiazdowski
Runner up (student): Mio Mcfarlane

Outstanding Student Award

Winner: Amanda Garcia-Ghuran
Runner up: Safa Kadir

Student Academic Rep of the Year Award

Winner: Safa Kadir
Runner up: John John

Leeds University Business School Overall Partnership Award Winners:

Staff: Tad Gwiazdowski

Student: Safa Kadir