Dr Kendi Guantai

Dr Kendi Guantai


I joined the Leeds University Business School (LUBS) for my postgraduate studies in 2005, after seven years in industry. My work experience in that time spanned roles in Export Marketing, Guest Relations, Customer Services and Corporate Communications. Starting out in Kenya’s horticultural industry, I worked in a variety of sectors, including civil society, hospitality and government. 

In 2006, on completion of my Master of Arts in Advertising and Marketing, I was offered a PhD scholarship by the Leeds University Business School. My research explored the role of corruption in discursively creating the relationship between the Bretton Woods Institutions and donor recipient countries. 

Thereafter, I joined the Marketing division at Leeds University Business School, where I manage and teach courses in Corporate Communication Strategy, Public Relations and Reputation Management. Being a big proponent of holistic education, my mission here is to inspire students to achieve exceptional results and make a meaningful contribution to society by embracing and expressing their authenticity in a safe and creative environment supportive of experimentation and innovative thinking. In this respect, students voted me as the Most Inspiring Tutor in 2018, and in 2019, I received the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Outside my work at the University of Leeds, I am part of a thriving diaspora community, where I give motivational talks as well as providing coaching and guidance to various groups. I have a great love for Africa, and a deep desire to help others in their pursuit of personal growth and enrichment through the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Finally, I sit on the advisory board of Archetypical, the company behind the simulation game ‘Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders’.  I have also served on the UK board of the International Association for Business Communicators.


  • Module Leader

Research interests

My research interests are in the areas of strategic Corporate/Organisational Communication (both internal and external); Reputation Management; Crisis Communications; Issues Management; Public Sector Communications; Public Relations in Society


  • PhD - University of Leeds
  • MA┬áin Advertising and Marketing - University of Leeds
  • BA Hons. Communication (Major) and Community Development (Minor) - Daystar University Kenya

Professional memberships

  • International Association for Business Communicators
  • Chartered Institute for Public Relations

Student education

I design, manage and teach postgraduate modules in the areas of Corporate Communication, Public Relations and Reputation Management.