Dr Gary Graham

Dr Gary Graham



ABS 4* - Associate Editor – International Journal of Operations and Production Management – Impact Pathways Section  2020

ABS 3* – Supply Chain Management: an International Journal – Special Issue Editor 2020 – Upstream Product Innovation and Downstream Supply Chain Implications 

POMS Conference (Minneapolis) 2020 – Emerging Topics in Operations Management Track – Session Chair – Smart Cities. 

Associate Professor 2015 -

Lecturer: 2011-2015, Leeds University Business School

Lecturer: 2005 - 2010, Manchester Business School

Lecturer: 2001- 2005, UMIST, Manchester

Lecturer: 1996 - 2001, Salford University Business School


PhD: 2005, Huddersfield University – Industrial Economics/Strategic Procurement – Defence Industry Structure and Supplier Strategies
DipEd: 1990, Leeds University – Economics
BA (H): 1985, CNAA – Economics


Module leader: 5237 MSc Operations and Supply Chain  Management, 3975 U/G Technology and Innovation Management.

5249 – Creative Industries.

Teach seminars on 5751 MBA Operations Management. 

Previously 2001 to 2011. Manchester Business School/MSM UMIST - He taught in the Dip. in Management for PhD Engineering Students, Global Executive MBA, FT MBA and the MSc in Global SCM.. 

Leeds University Promotions Committee 2019-

Research interests

From working in the defence electronics industry, this led to a PhD entitled Defence Industry Structure and Suppler Strategies (1991-1995)). I have a long-standing expertise (since 1996) of investigating technological transistioning and change in the logistics and supply chain sectors, from disruptive innovation through to Brexit and more recently COVID-19. I am currently working on projects investigating the impact of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics and Human Analytics on Supply Network Design and Management. The sectors critically investigated include: defence, aerospace, electronics, European manufacturing (high tech and advanced), automobiles and distributed manufacturing. Smart city mobility and sustainability are more applied topics myself and my team of researchers have looked at under the theme of supply chain futures. Methodologically, Graham has also (since 2013 and a sociological study of future mobility models at MIT of Boston citizens) deployed the sociological use of creative and cultural foresight techniques with logistics professional, volunteers and inner city communities to explore their social, economic and work futures. He ran the Future Cities and Community Resiience Network (2013-2016) and ten workshops. These brought together  inner city stakeholders and exploried the emerging role of high technology in changing and improving economically and socially the future economic materiality, social mobility and means of production for all members of society. Some of the PhDs and Post Docs who have worked with me have gone on to take up research and lecturing positions at Cambridge, Oxford, Leeds, RCA and Loughborough, My current projects include longitudinally tracking through diary studies the impact and response to Covid 19 with two senior Global Supply Chain executives in the UK (automobiles) and US (Earth Moving Eqpt). Also the transitioning of the Sports Car Sectors in Germany, UK and China from ICE to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. This is at two boundary points – innovation ecosystem – smart city to OEM; Outsourcing – OEM to suppliers (ie. auto and emerging technological infrastructural and software suppliers). 

UCU member since 1996/case worker and part of business school reps team for Dean quarterly meetings.. 

Outside work. Had a long career in athletics and still compete in veteran tournaments. A PB of 31.30 for 10k in 1989.Yorks cross country team 1986, West Yorks School Cross Country Team, 1985 English Schools Champions. Also youth (qualified level 2) coaching of athletics, soccer. 

Latest Publication:

"Agility in Humanitarian Supply Chain: An Organizational Information Processing Perspective and Relational View". Annals of Operations Research. Conditionally Accepted. 

Latest Special Issues:

SCM: an International Journal.https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/journal/scm/downstream-product-innovation-and-upstream-supply-chain-implications. Deadline: November 30, 2020. 

IJOPM Impact Pathways


Visiting Scholar Positions

University of North Carolina - 2008

University of San Diego - 2009

MIT - 2013

Cambridge University 2017

Pre2008 Publications

Lewis, G., Graham, G. & Hardaker, G. (2005). “Evaluating the Impact of the Internet on Barriers to Entry in the Music Industry”. Supply Chain Management: an International Journal. Vol 10, No 5, pp. 349-357.

Graham, G. “Supply Chain Architecture: A Blueprint for Networking the Flow of Material, Information and Cash”. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. 2005, Vol 25, No 11, p. 1156.

Graham, G., Burnes, B., Lewis, G. & Langer, J. (2004) “The Transformation of the Music Industry Supply Chain: a Major Label Perspective”. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Vol 4, No 11/12, pp. 1087-1104

Graham, G. & Hardaker, G. (1998) “Defence Sector Procurement and Supply Chain Relationships”. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal. Vol 3 No 3, pp. 20-26.


Supervision of research staff (PDRAs, Research Fellows, Research Assistants, technicians etc.)

Sanaz Sigaroudi. Innovation in the European Manufacturing Industry.

ESRC/SAMS Post-doctoral Research Fellow.

May 2012 – May 2015.

£75,000 duration 3 years.

Kate Holmes/Jamie Woodcock/Royston Meriton. The wonders of the Zooniverse: Modelling and optimizing volunteer online citizen science.

EPSRC NEMODE Research Fellow. 

Sept 2014 – Sept 2016.

£114,000 duration 2 years.

.Arpita Bhattacharjee Balancing the impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural systems using Robots

EPSRC Grand Challenges

Sept 2018 – Sept 2020

£119, 414 duration 2 years

Supervision of PhD Research students

Dinah Ndibuuza 01/17- 

Edda Blumenstein 9/15 - 

Patrick Hennelly 09/12 - 09/19

Kuo Pin Chang 09/06 -  12/10

Jill Helen Dennison 09/00 - 09/04

Neil Towers 05/01 - 05/04

Won Geung Park 12/95 - 12/98

Research grants

Big Data analysis of Covid-19 public communication. £5,000. Leeds University RIS. AI-Humanities Collaboration Fund. Co-I 08/20-10/20

Human Centric Design and Smart City Mobility £12,000. LUBS Grand Challenges Fund. PI: 04/19-07/19.

Balancing the impact of City Infrastructure Engineering on Natural systems using Robots.£4m (£119, 414). EPSRC Grand Challenges Co-I EP/N010523/1 09/15- 09/20.

How will Smart Cites Change Supply Chain Management: the Case of Toyota Motor City? ((£4,000) LUBS Seedcorn grant: LUBS 5401334002 PI /15 05/16

How Do We Make the UK More Resilient? EPSRC Impact Accelerator Account £13,000. Co-PI. 01/15-06/15

Future Cities and Community Resilience Network. £4,000 White Rose DTC Network funding (WRDTC 54013204)PI  02/14-06/15

Future Cities, Sustainability and Community Resilience Network. £4,000. Leeds University RCFS funding (LUBS 54013064) PI 01/14 - 06/14

European Manufacturing Survey £2,000. LUBS Seedcorn funding (LUBS 54012702) PI 01/13  -12/13

MIT Research Fellowship Grant £8,940. EPSRC (NEMODE -100340) PI 05/13 - 08/13

The wonders of the Zooniverse: Modelling and Optimizing Volunteer Online Citizen Science £114,000. EPSRC (EP/K039784/1). PI 09/13 09/16

Innovation in the European Manufacturing Industry £75,000 ESRC/SAMS Management and Business Development Fellowship (LUBS 0070) Co-PI. 05/12  05/15

Paywalls and the Future of Regional News Media: a Comparison between Britain and Germany £8,900. British Academy (SG100163). PI. 07/10  06/11

Public Engagement of Universities through Local News Media Networks  £2,000. National Centre for Public Engagement Development Fund. (NCPE R112155). PI. 09/10 09/11

Research Cluster on Innovative Media for a Digital Economy £12,000. EPSRC (EP/G001979/1). Co-I 04/08 03/09

Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Economy: an Agenda for the Next-generation Internet.” £12,000. EPSRC (EP/G002002/1). Co-I 04/08- 06/09

Evolution of News Media £2,000 FCO UK-US Digital Economy Award (FCO-15133064). 02/12- 27/12

A Lean and Agile Manufacturing Methodology for SME’s in the Aerospace Supply Sector £150,000. EPSRC (GR/M23168) EPSRC (GR/M23168) Co-I 09/98 - 09/00

Supply Chain Management Across the Internet in the Music Industry £30,000 EU funded research project (GEMISIS). EU European Regional Development Funding GEMISIS 2000 (University Grant Code: SGRA16). Co-I 09/98 09/00

Supply Chain Management in the European Dance Music Sector £672, 715 EU funded research project EU (Leanardo da Vinci) (Contract number PP129117) 09/02 - 09/04

An Exploration of Information Communication Technologies in the Sportswear Supply Chain £30,000 EPSRC (Technitex Faraday Industrial Case Award (GR/M/231687) PI 09/02-09/04

Research grant reviewer

British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants Scheme. Reviewer since 2015.

Grants la Caixa Scheme. Social Research Call. Reviewer since 2020.

EPSRC Digital Economy Programme. Data Analytics for Future Cities Reviewer 2015-2019.

ESRC Euro-China Call. Reviewer 2013-2016.

Knowledge Foundation. Sweden. Industry Value Networks. Reviewer since 2020.

Journal reviewer

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