Dr David Yoon

Dr David Yoon


I am Associate Professor of International Business at Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds in the UK. During the last five years, I have been conducting research on international business and (technological) innovation. My latest research projects include:

(1) Innovation and performance management in multi-national teams and corporations in knowledge-intensive industries

(2) International technology transfer in complex product systems industries (e.g. aircraft, nuclear power plant, and high speed railway)

(3) Interplay between technology (e.g. patent acquisition, patent infringement, etc.) and institution in cross-border acquisitions and IPO

My research work has been published or is forthcoming in leading international journals such as Research Policy (2015a, 2018b, 2020c), Journal of Business Research (2018), among others. These research outputs have featured in Elsevier Researcher Academy, LSE Impact Blog, and Harvard Business Review (in French). I serve as a reviewer for Research Policy, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and International Business Review. Recently, I was awarded the prestigious BA/Leverhulme Grant from the British Academy.

Prior to joining the University of Leeds in 2017, I carried out my research and teaching activities in several French business schools. In addition to academia, I worked as a consultant for a number of international development and management consulting projects with Inter-American Development Bank, Mercer, and Accenture.


  • Ph.D. KAIST
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professional memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • Academy of International Business

Student education

2020 Spring

LUBS5217M Globalization of Innovation – Module Leader

LUBS5233M Debates and Controversies in International Business


2019 Spring

LUBS5233M Debates and Controversies in International Business – Module Leader

LUBS2860 Managing International Business


2018 Fall

LUBS5217M Globalization of Innovation


2018 Spring

LUBS1140 Principles of International Business

LUBS2860 Managing International Business

LUBS5906 Research Methods for IB

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds

Current postgraduate researchers