Dr Stefan Kesting



PhD in Economics, University of Bremen, Germany Diploma

(BA and MA) Germany Diploma in Economics, University of Bremen, Germany

Exchange student in Economics at the New School for Social Research, N. Y.


2012 to-date Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds

2004-2012 Senior Lecturer above the bar, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand

2002 Visiting Lecturer, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

1997-2003 Lecturer, University of Bremen, Germany

Research Appointments and Prizes

2011-2012 Deputy director of the Gender and Diversity Research Group at AUT

2011 to-date (with Irene van Staveren) coordinator of research area K gender and economics for the European Association of Evolutionary and Political Economy (EAEPE)

2010 (May and June) invited visiting scholar at Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG), Cologne, Germany

2010 (July-December) invited visiting scholar at Social Science Department (CRESS-Lessor) and Economics Department (CREM), University of Rennes, France

2002 (autumn) invited visiting scholar with Fullbright and DFG (German Research Foundation) scholarships at economics department, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA

2002 (spring) invited visiting scholar at the department of social sciences, Roskilde University, Denmark

Member of editorial boards

Review of Social Economy

Forum for Social Economy

Behavioural foundations of microeconomics (focus on gender and sustainability)

(Deliberative) Welfare Economic Theory

Discourse and economics

Institutional, Evolutionary and Social Economics

Innovation (Schumpeterian and Post Keynesian approaches)

Varieties of Capitalism

Ecological macroeconomics

LUBS2680: Ethics and Economics

LUBS1950: Introductory Macroeconomics, Economic Theory and Applications 1

I also teach macroeconomics in our MBA programmes: LUBS5740 and LUBS5816.

Year Two Tutor

Assistant Head of Year

Module leader for LUBS1290 Economic Controversies