Dr Javornik on the implications of long covid for employees

Dr Jana Javornik recently commented in an interview conducted by Zveza svobodnih sindikatov Slovenije (ZSSS), the association of free trade unions in Slovenia.

In the interview titled ‘Living with the disease: Covid can also last and last’, Dr Javornik discusses the little-understood effects of long covid on labour markets including implications for sick-leave schemes and benefits, World Health Organisation guidelines and the recognition of the condition itself, in the context of Slovene public policy.

Dr Javornik is an Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations and brings her expert knowledge on active labour markets as well her personal journey managing the effects of long covid to the conversation.

She comments that as long covid is not yet internationally recognised as a disease or disability, the avalanche of problems for employees cannot be overstated:

The problem we have all over the world is that labour law and the benefit system have not adjusted anywhere.

The full article is available in Slovene here.