Stacey Mottershaw

Stacey Mottershaw


Prior to joining Leeds I worked at the University of Sheffield for over 10 years, across a range of professional services roles including in central teams such as study abroad and outreach, as well as in academic departments including the School of Law as a Recruitment and External Engagement Team Leader and the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering as an Employability, Placements and Alumni Ofifcer, where I also taught ethics to engineering students. I joined Leeds University Business School as a Teaching Fellow in September 2018 and in August 2020 I was promoted to Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship), before being promoted to Associate Professor in October 2022. Since September 2019 I have been seconded on a part-time basis to the role of Faculty Director of Taught Student Social Mobility, with strategic oversight of support for under-represented students. As part of this, I chair the Careers and Employability workstream for the Widening Participation in Postgraduate Study NEON working group

Alongside my full-time role in LUBS I am pursuing my Doctorate in Education (EdD) at the University of Sheffield. My research explores the career journeys and trajectories of academics with working-class heritage. 

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Book reviews:
Mottershaw, S. 2023. Encouraging critique: a stimulating and provocative examination of dominant discourses in the higher education sector. Book review: Kinchin, I. M., and Gravett, K. (2022) Dominant discourses in higher education: critical perspectives, cartographies and practice. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, (26). DOI:

Conference proceedings: 
Davis, C., Rivlin, P., Mottershaw, S., Mihut, G., Matthews, A., Matthews, B. 2022. Creating SoTL communities through critical storytelling: reflections on a participatory study with Russell Group academics of working-class heritage. EuroSoTL 2022. [Online]. [Accessed: 14th August 2022]. Available from:

Selected external presentations:  

June 2023. Invited keynote: ‘Flexible learning and higher education: a recipe for under-represented student success?’. Advance HE Flexible Learning Symposium. 14th June 2023. The Studio, Leeds. 

September 2022. ‘Hiding in plain sight: Why every teacher should be student again’ (with Gareth Bramley). University of Law Annual Teaching and Learning Conference. 6th and 8th September 2022. Online. 

July 2022. ‘Can you hear me? – Using Listening Rooms to explore student success for under-represented students in LUBS and AHC’. Advance HE Learning and Teaching Conference. 6th July 2022. Northumbria University. 

June 2022. ‘Creating SoTL communities through critical storytelling: reflections on a participatory study with Russell Group academics of working-class heritage’ (with Charlie Davis, Penny Rivlin, Adam Matthews and Jessica Hawkins). EuroSoTL 2022. 17th June 2022. MMU.

May 2022. ‘The Importance of Working Class Academics – Belonging and Authenticity’. Alliance of Working Class Academics. 11th May 2022 (online). 

April 2022. ‘Online or face to face. That is the question’ – exploring preferences of students for academic personal tutoring’ (with Anna Viragos). UK Association of Tutoring (UKAT) Conference 2022 (online). 

March 2022: ‘Supporting the progression and attainment of diverse cohorts’ (with Maria Hussain). Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) Certified Management Business Educator (CMBE) CPD training (online). 

July 2021. ‘40 miles apart: Exploring the impact of locality in university admissions’. British Sociological Association Early Career Researcher event: ‘Situating Austerity’ (online). 

May 2021. ‘Disinvesting in Critical Pedagogy: Redundancies and Academic Freedom at the University of Leicester Business School’ (with Gareth Bramley). EdD study school weekend, University of Sheffield (online). 

June 2021. ‘Using 'Listening Rooms' methodology to support under-represented students’. CABS LTSE Conference (online). 

July 2020. ‘Bridging the gap between leadership and success for under-represented students’. Advance HE Learning and Teaching Conference (online). 

February 2020. ‘Business degrees, transferable skills and the future’ (with Sarah Barksby and Kate Scott). UCAS Annual Conference for Teachers and Advisers. Brighton.

June 2019. ‘Personal tutoring models: attendance and engagement’ (with Anna Viragos). British Academy of Management MKE Conference, ‘Teaching and Learning for Impact’. York St John University. 


  • Faculty Director of Taught Student Social Mobility

Research interests

I have a wide range of research interests, including: 

  • Under-representation, imposter phenomenon and challenging deficit thinking in HE
  • Career journeys and trajectories of academics with working-class heritage
  • Personal tutoring policies and practice
  • Authenticity in the classroom and if/how this links to sense of belonging

I have peer reviewed journal articles for the International Journal for Students as Partners, the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education, and a UKAT special edition of Frontiers in Education, ‘Academic Advising and Tutoring for Student Success in Higher Education: International Perspectives’. 


  • PG Diploma and QCD, Career Development - Nottingham Trent University
  • MA (Hons) Political Theory - University of Sheffield
  • BA (Hons) Philosophy - University of Sheffield

Professional memberships

  • Career Development Institute (CDI)
  • Certified Management & Business Educator (CMBE), Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS)
  • Recognised Senior Adviser (RSA), UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Student education

Since joining LUBS in September 2018, I have taught on a range of modules covering academic and employability skills, business ethics and sustainability. I have held a range of module leadership roles, including for LUBS1876 Academic and Employability Connections, LISS1043 Ethics for Business and Society, LUBS3003 Business Ethics, LUBS5993M CSR, Ethics and Sustainability and LUBS8001 Training in the Workplace. 

I am personal tutor to undergraduate students across all year groups, and placement tutor for students undertaking a year in industry. I also supervise students completing dissertation projects.