Dr Desmond Leach



Director of Research, Management Division
Co-Director, MSc Organisational Psychology programme
Faculty Ethics Representative
Editorial Board, Journal of Organizational Behavior
Fellow of The Higher Education Academy


Member of the Socio-Technical Centre


Member of the Workplace Behaviour Research Centre


Research interests

Job design, work design, empowerment

Job crafting, collaborative job crafting

Human-computer interaction

Creativity and innovation

Employee resilience

Physical work environment

Non-profit organisations

Selected publications

Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D. & Khan, Z. (2019). Examining alliance management capabilities in cross-sector collaborative partnerships. Journal of Business Research, 101, 268-284.

Birdi, K., Leach, D. J. & Magadley, W. (2016). The relationship of individual capabilities and environmental support with different facets of designers’ innovative behaviour. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33, 19-35.

McClelland, G. P., Leach, D. J., Clegg, C. W. & McGowan, I. (2014). Collaborative crafting in call centre teams. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 87, 464-486.

Leach, D. J., Hagger-Johnson, G., Doerner, N., Wall, T. D., Turner, N., Dawson, J. & Grote, G. (2013). Developing a measure of work uncertainty. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 86, 85-99.

Davis, M., Leach D. J. & Clegg, C. (2011). The physical environment, employee effectiveness and well-being. International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: John Wiley.

Rogelberg, S. G., Leach, D. J., Warr, P. B. & Burnfield, J. L. (2006). "Not another meeting!" Are meeting time demands related to employee well-being? Journal of Applied Psychology, 91, 86-96.

Leach, D. J., Wall. D. T., Rogelberg, S. G. & Jackson, P.R. (2005). Team autonomy, performance and member job strain: Uncovering the teamwork KSA link. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 54, 1-24.

Leach, D. J., Wall, T. D. & Jackson, P. R. (2003). The effect of empowerment on job knowledge: An empirical test involving operators of complex technology. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 76, 27-52.

Leach, D. J., Jackson, P. R. & Wall, T. D. (2001). Realizing the potential of empowerment: The impact of a feedback intervention on the performance of complex technology. Ergonomics, 44, 870-886.


Selected funded projects

The Future Engineering System project (2016-2019)

Leach, D. J. (PI). £284,535. £4.2m overall industry/EPSRC/Innovate UK research grant across seven partners: CFMS, Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Sysemia, eQ-Technologic, Sheffield University (Advanced Computing Research Centre) and Leeds University (Socio-Technical Centre).

Research Assistant: Alice Buckley MSc (Leeds University)

The Police Mobile Technology project (2017)

Leach, D. J. (Co-I), with Allen, D. K., Norman, A. & Lister, S. , £48,553 – collaboration with a consortium of four police forces.

Research Assistant: Simon Williams MA




  • PhD Work Psychology
  • MPhil Work Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology

Student education

I teach topics that are related to the discipline of Organisational Behaviour.

Current postgraduate researchers