Dr Lin is a Grade-7 research fellow working with Prof. Lynda Song and Dr Ahmed Mostafa on the UKRI project about how HR practice influenced healthcare workers from BAME backgrounds during the pandemic. Before joining the University of Leeds, Sonya was supervised by Prof. Giles Hirst at the Australian National University. In addition, She has taught different courses including OB, leadership and SHRM etc in the Australian National University, and has won a couple of prestigious international research grants, totalling more than £24,000 during her PhD.


Research interests

Research Papers:

Lin, SY, Hirst, G, Wu, C-H, Lee, C, Wu, W, & Chang CC (2022) When anything less than perfect isn’t good enough: How parental and supervisor perfectionistic expectations determine fear of failure and employee creativity. Journal of Business Research.

Lin, SY, Park G., Zhou, Q., & Hirst, G. (2022) Two birds, one stone: How altruism can facilitate both individual creativity and prosocial behavior in two different team contexts. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice.

Hirst, G., Yeo, G., Celestine, N., Lin, SY & Richardson, A. (2020). It’s not just action but also about reflection: Taking stock of agency research to develop a future research agenda. Australian Journal of Management, 0312896220919468.


Conference Papers:

Lin, S.Y., & Hirst, G., Wang Y, & Dawson J. (2022). Fathers’ Work-Family Conflicts and Children's Work Earnings: A 17-year Dyadic Lifespan Analysis, Accepted by Academy of Management (AOM) 2022 Annual Conference, US (Best paper in Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings, approximately 10% of submissions)

Lin, S.Y., Hirst, G., & Li W.D., (2022). Examining How Leadership Role Occupancy Influences Both Leaders’ and Spouses’ Sleep Loss and Obesity, Accepted by Academy of Management (AOM) 2022 Annual Conference, US


Lin, S.Y., Hirst, G., Wu, C., Lee, C., Wu, W., & Chang C.C. (2022). Is Creativity Developed or Destroyed Outside Work? Examining Parental and Supervisor Perfectionistic Expectations on Fear of Failure and Employee Creativity. Paper accepted by a Symposium at the Academy of Management (AOM) 2022 Annual Conference, US