Influential leader, Rashik Parmar MBE, FBCS, joins masters students

Leeds University Business School postgraduate students pursuing the MSc Organizational Psychology and Business degree, experienced a very special guest seminar delivered by Rashik Parmar MBE, FBCS.

“Finding Your Adventure” was the theme of the seminar. Dr Rajinder Bhandal is the module leader on the module LUBS5393M Managing Performance and Developing Careers who organised the seminar in collaboration with Rashik Parmar.

Rashik introduced the students to the concept of ‘future ready’ and set the students with a creative challenge to think of a problem that digitisation could address, and to develop a chart to document that thinking.

Rashik provided guidance and the students worked in teams and then pitched their idea to the class. There was lots of innovative thinking and genuine care for the cause, as can be seen in the student’s ideas and themes generated:

  • Internet collaboration towards better accessible education for people who do not have internet access 
  • App based carpooling for students on campus only
  • Photo and video type social media based sustainable product consultancy
  • A healthcare App to better connect patients with healthcare professionals in real-time in India
  • An e-memory book for care home residents
  • Solving immigration challenges with AI, blockchain, Wi-Fi, and real-time data towards helping displaced people find employment
  • Developing better mobile phone technology to help protect safety of children under the age of 18
  • Developing an AI, VR, MetaWorld type of dating / friendship / social connection App to help those people who are feeling lonely
Rashik leads the seminar and is stood at the front explaining the topic of his talk. All the students are captivated.

The students were given the opportunity to fast forward into the future and write their own future! The students worked on an individual introspection task towards ‘shaping your ambition describe you in 10 years’ time’ with instructions provided by Rashik.

The students were then in for a surprise as they had to present the person who was sat next to them in the manner that they had already achieved their goal. Some of the future ambitions included becoming a leader, government official, entrepreneur, academic, doctor, early retirement, making memories, and consultant.

The students also had the opportunity to reflect on any of their own personal challenges and difficulties. These were conceptualised as “the gremlins” and through discussion solutions were identified towards overcoming the various “gremlins” or any other hurdles.

Gremlin picture with post it notes on where the students have stated their own personal 'gremlins'. Reference to an 80s film essentially.

A student reflects on the seminar and shares these words:

It was genuinely like an eye opener and very insightful. I am glad to have you as a module leader for this subject. Thank you so much for everything

Final words by Dr Rajinder Bhandal:

Thank you to Rashik Parmar for taking the time to deliver such a valuable seminar. It is important for the students to be able to apply the theories and concepts in a pragmatic way on the back of digitisation in society and business. More importantly, the students were introduced to the concept of introspection, and its application on a personal and professional level. Equipping students with a methodology to apply introspection and enhance own well-being is going to prove to be an important skill for all graduates in the future… of a more digital and virtual workplace