Knowledge Transfer Partnership with LBBC Group: The transition of digital culture in a UK manufacturing SME business


Strategically, LBBC wish to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system through a digital transformation project. However, they recognise that this is frequently unsuccessful unless the work culture is changed along with the business processes.

This is a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) project that involves the transfer of knowledge from the University of Leeds to LBBC. The project aims to significantly improve management productivity by changing employee culture.

The project is funded by UKRI Innovate UK (ref: 13564).

Project overview

The project strives to develop a digital-first embedded in LBBC through the KTP project. The transfer of knowledge from the University to LBBC is carried out by a KTP associate. The project involves scoping and implementing new digital tools (e.g., Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP) through which a digital culture is created.

Through the implementation of digital tools and digital culture, the project aims to improve the accuracy and availability of management data, enabling better decision making and much tighter control of costs, leading to improvement in cost efficiency.