Special Issue Editorial Co-authored by Prof. Mohammad Faisal Ahammad and Prof. Jeremy Clegg

Prof. Mohammad Faisal Ahammad and Prof. Jeremy Clegg have co-authored a special issue editorial entitled "Protectionism in the International Business" in the Management International Review.

This focused issue, in one of the leading journals in the International Business field, was initiated by Professor Shlomo Tarba from the Strategy and International Business Department, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. Professor Tarba invited the leading scholars in the IB field to join the guest editorial team including Prof Mohammad Faisal Ahammad and Prof Jeremy Clegg (IB department, LUBS, University of Leeds, UK), Prof Ilan Alon (College of Management - Academic Studies, Israel), and Prof Ilan Vertinsky (University of British Columbia, Canada).

The internationalization is a rather complex process, and there are cycles of de-internationalization and re-internationalization. Globalization has increased the flow of products, capital, and information. However, these flows have been interrupted by the recent waves of nationalistic and anti-globalist movements of all stripes. Populist governments have risen in various parts of the globe and led to renewed trade and geopolitical tensions along the East-West and South-North axes. Thus, the guest editors believe that examination of the links between environmental conditions, such as protectionism, tariffs, immigration, trade agreements, trade wars, institutions and the MNEs is very timely in the International Business realm.

You can read the editorial to the focused issue on the Management International Review website.