Dr Luisa Zanchi


Qualifications PhD in Economics, European University Institute
MA in Economics, European University Institute
Laurea in Economics, University of Bergamo, ItalyExperience 1994-95 Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York, UK
1983-87, 1990-91, 1992-94 Research and teaching fellow, Department of Economics, University of Bergamo, Italy
1985-88 Operating system and econometric software manager, Computing Service, University of Bergamo, ItalyLuisa Zanchi's research addresses both theoretical and empirical aspects of labour economics. These include theories of unemployment; analysis of inter-industry and gender wage differentials; investment in human capital and its effects on wages; labour market contracts and institutions; neo-corporatism; measurement of income distribution; microeconometric methods and their applications. Recently completed work includes studies of the inter-industry wage structure in various countries; trends in the training of male and female workers in the UK; inter-industry wage differentials in econometric models with dummy variables. Current work includes studies of the influence of data aggregation on the measurement of wage and income dispersion; economic growth and R&D expenditure; population ageing and its impact on investment in human capital, labour productivity and social expenditure; new technologies and their effect on labour productivity, wages and working conditions.LUBS2670 Statistics for Business and Economics 2 (Undergraduate level 2)
LUBS3300 Economics Dissertation Supervision (Undergraduate level 3)
LUBS3785 The Economics of Unions (Undergraduate level 3)
LUBS5136M Economics Dissertation Coordinator (Postgraduate level)
LUBS5136M Economics Dissertation Supervision (Postgraduate level)Director of Postgraduate Programmes

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