Dr Juliane Scheffel



Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

PhD, Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin

Diploma in Economics, Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin


Teaching Fellow 2016-
Department of Economics
University of Leeds

Assistant Professor in Economics 2011-2016
School of Economics
The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Teaching Assistant 2005-2011
Faculty of Business and Economics
Humboldt-Universitt zu Berlin

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Development Economics, Health Economics, Migration, Education, Elderly Care

Working Papers

Wang,  Feicheng,  C.  Milner,  and  J.  Scheffel,  (2016) Globalisation  and  Inter-industry  Wage  Inequality  in China GEP Research Paper 2016/02.

Scheffel,  J.  and  Y.  Zhang  (2016). How  Does  Rural  Migration  Affect  the  Emotional  Health  of  Elderly Parents?

Scheffel,  J.  (2011a). Identifying the  Effect  of Temporal Work  Flexibility  on  Parental  Time  with  Children? SFB 649 Discussion Paper 24/2011.

Scheffel,  J.  (2011b). How Do  Unusual  Working  Schedules  Affect  the  Social Life?  SFB 649 Discussion Paper 25/2011.

Scheffel, J. (2011c). Compensation of Unusual Working Schedules. SFB 649 Discussion Paper 26/2011.

Scheffel, J. (2010). Honey, Ill Be Working Late Tonight. The Effect of Individual Work Routines on Leisure Time Synchronization of Couples. SFB 649 Discussion Paper 16/2010.

Braun  S.  and  J.  Scheffel  (2007). A  Note  on  the  Effect  of  Outsourcing  on  Union  Wages. SFB  649 Discussion Paper 34/2007.

Braun  S.  and  J.  Scheffel  (2007). Does  International  Outsourcing  Depress  Union  Wages? SFB  649 Discussion Paper 33/2007.

LUBS5740M Economics of Strategy (Full-time MBA)
LUBS5816M Economics of Strategy (Executive MBA)
LUBS2590 Labour Economics


  • UG Programme Director