Yorkshire and Humber Policy Innovation Partnership

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The Yorkshire and Humber Policy Innovation Partnership (YPIP) will build structures and processes with an overarching focus of empowering low-income, marginalised and spatially isolated communities in their places.

Led by Professor Gary Dymski at the University of Leeds, and funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), the partnership will provide evidence for vital decision-making in the Yorkshire and Humber region to deliver on climate change, inequalities and data gaps.

Building on existing partnerships across sectors, the work will involve:

  • Yorkshire Universities: Leeds Arts University, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Conservatoire, Leeds Trinity University, Sheffield Hallam University, York St Johns University, and the Universities of Bradford, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York.
  • Yorkshire and Humber Councils
  • Yorkshire & Humber Policy Engagement and Research Network (Y-PERN)
  • Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission
  • Yorkshire Asian Business Association
  • National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration: Yorkshire and Humber.

YPIP’s activities are being built around a ‘communities in their places’ cross-cutting theme, which reflects the project’s commitment to being sure that the voices of all policy-stakeholders in the region are heard. YPIP’s substantive work in addressing specific problems in the region is split into three strands:   

  • Data analytics: Build the Yorkshire Engagement Portal - a data hub for the region, with a triple aim: providing up-to-date, legitimate evidence about the region’s economic, social and environmental status; facilitating the use of these data in policy debates and decision-making by all members of the region’s communities; and enabling community-led data initiatives.  
  • Inclusive growth: Use inclusive business practices to increase entrepreneurial opportunities in the region, with a special focus on creating an Inclusive Business Network and improving creative opportunities for young people in Bradford. 
  • Sustainable living: Address key regional challenges in the move to net zero carbon, including retrofit guidance for the region’s high proportion of older buildings and close collaboration with the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission.

YPIP is rooted in a commitment to empowering communities, by researching ‘with’ rather than ‘on’ people. At its heart will be the YPIP community panel – comprised of 12 members with diverse experiences of disadvantage, marginalisation or isolation – who will become equal decision-makers with key policymakers and researchers in the region.

Read more about YPIP on the University of Leeds website.

Contact: Professor Gary Dymski