Plagiarism podcast

Microphone in radio studio


The rise of online exams after the coronavirus pandemic has renewed interest in academic integrity literacy of Higher Education students (Thomas et al., 2022, Ives and Cazan, 2023). This project aims to explore how new communication tools, in this case a podcast, can contribute to improving understanding of academic integrity issues among a diverse body of students in a UK University.

Research overview

The podcast presents some of the most common offences observed in the Academic Misconduct Panel of Leeds University Business School. It uses University of Leeds regulation to explain offences and provides guidance to students on how to avoid them in upcoming assessments.

We aim to assess whether this initiative can improve students' literacy on academic integrity in a diverse student body. (See Eaton (2019, 2021) for a review of existing knowledge in this field.) We propose to do this by collecting students’ feedback on the initiative, as well as data on offence rates, or the proportion of students reported to the Academic Misconduct procedure. (Stoesz and Yudintseva (2018) provide a survey of previous similar interventions.)


Each of the podcast episodes in this project can be found below:

Episode 1. Self-plagiarism

Episode 2. Collusion (accidental and intended)

Episode 3. Using detection websites

Episode 4. Usual academic integrity mistakes in online exams