Angela Carradus

2015      PhD in Management (Lancaster University Management School).

2010:     Masters in Management Learning and Leadership – Lancaster University Management School).

Dr Angela Carradus is an early career researcher in the field of entrepreneurship and family business. She completed her PhD in 2015 - Working with the one that you love: Using a dramaturgical framework to explore the copreneurial experience – and is continuing to explore couple identity in family business for her research. Prior to developing her academic career Angela co-owned a food franchise with her husband, and ran her own hair and make-up business in the film and theatre industry.

Angela is an experienced teacher and draws on her research and industry background to deliver innovative and creative teaching curricula. She has in-depth experience in family business and entrepreneurship with undergraduates, postgraduates and SME’s.


Angela’s current research interests include: couple identity in family business, work/home balance, gender and entrepreneurship.


Journal Articles

2017 Reshaping our understanding of the copreneurial experience using a feminist perspective. Empirical paper for submission Carradus, A.Y. Gender, Work and Organization.

2016  ‘Working with the one that you Love': Using a dramaturgical approach to examine the copreneurial experience Carradus, A.Y., and Gatrell, C. Organization Studies.

Conference Papers

2016  The role of faith-led organizational practices on family businesses: Exploring the ‘extended kinship’ effect. Carradus, A.Y., Zozimo, R., and Discau-Cruz, A. Organization Studies.

2013  For Richer and for Poorer in Sickness and in Health: The Inextricable link between business and home for copreneurial micro-business. Gender, Work and Organization.