LUBS Alumnus is changing the way the world wakes up

LUBS graduate Phil Neale (BA Management with Marketing 2012) is Co-Founder of the app Snoozle, a fun new app that makes the first minute of every day better.

After graduating from the Business School, Phil made it all the way to the live final of Britain’s Got Talent 2015, performing with his dad and two brothers as The Neales (They even made Simon Cowell cry!). A year later they had a top 25 single after securing the backing of one of the UK’s leading retailers.

After working as a Brand Manager at Tesco for three years, Phil has recently gone full time with his new venture, Snoozle.

With Snoozle, your friends set the time of their own alarm, but you create the content that wakes them up (in the form of 12 second voice notes) The idea for Snoozle originated during Phil’s university exams, when his girlfriend would send him voice notes to remind him about key facts for the next day’s exam.

Phil would then manually set these voice messages as his alarm tone and found that waking up to a friendly and helpful voice was much more pleasurable and fun than a pre-set alarm sound.

After launching the public version of the app in spring 2017, the brothers set up a crowdfunding campaign and managed to fund £100,000 in just 9 hours of the campaign going live, valuing Snoozle at half a million pounds.

We wish Phil and his brother all the best with their growing business.

Visit to download the app and change the way you wake up.