Alumnus visit: A journey of nostalgia and discovery

Last Wednesday we were delighted to welcome Jason Sen Jiang (MSc Human Resource Management 2017) back to the Business School for a campus tour.

Accompanied by a member of the LUBS alumni team, Jason embarked on a tour of the campus, revisiting familiar sights, and discovering new ones. The visit started with a tour through the classrooms of the Maurice Keyworth and Charles Thrackrah Buildings, and was followed by a visit of the M&S Archive, and the innovative study spaces in Esther Simpson, offering an opportunity to explore the development of the Business School and western campus. The tour concluded with rediscovering various highlights of the main campus including the LUU, Clothworker Building and the Great Hall, buzzing with student activities and campus life.

Recalling the visit, Jason shared,

I’m very excited to come back! I spent some of my purest and happiest student life at LUBS, and it reshaped me dramatically both physically and mentally. I miss the time I spent in the Edge which helped me improve my physical condition. I miss the days in Laidlaw, the Parkinson Building and Edward Boyle, which empowered me to become a fast learner in any areas. I’ve kept these two good habits till now: keeping fit and adapting well to cross-industrial challenges. Now, I’m operating a startup (TZ Academy) in Shanghai, China, helping students with their language and application, providing consultant service in both education and career development. Leeds holds great memories for me, my cousins and some of my employee, I think I’ll definitely keep this Leeds feeling forever.

Our campus tour provided a nostalgic journey for Jason, reminding him of his years in Leeds and impressing him with the growth and development of LUBS.

If you're planning to visit the campus, please get in contact with our LUBS alumni team at