LUBS alumni reunite for 25 year milestone

The Business School was delighted to welcome back LUBS alumni to Leeds for their 25 year reunion.

Larry Raubach (MSc International Marketing Management, 1999), Petros Schinas (MSc International Marketing Management, 1999), Rune Sollihaug (MA Economics and Finance, 1999) and Gisle Strand (MA Economics and Finance, 2001) all met through their halls of residence - Montague Burton accommodation and have remained friends ever since. The LUBS alumni team were only too pleased to hear from them, and help plan their reunion visit back to Leeds in March, as they travelled from Canada, Norway and Greece for this special occasion.

During their visit, they were able to reconnect with academics and staff who taught or studied with them, and reminisced about those who couldn’t be there. This was followed by a tour of campus, including Maurice Keyworth, Charles Thrackrah and Esther Simpson buildings on the Western Campus – all buildings which didn’t exist in 1999. This was followed by a tour of HELIX - the University's new learning innovation hub for students, staff, and the local community, enabling staff and students to come together to collaborate on creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial projects based on their own initiatives and ideas.

Larry Raubach remembers: “The four of us met very early in our time at Leeds and quickly became best friends. We have travelled extensively together over the years and this was our first time back as a group since graduating 25 years ago. We owe so much to the University of Leeds and to say we were excited to return is an understatement. While we had expected to wander the campus, see some new buildings, and enjoy a pint at the Old Bar, we never expected the incredible tour and reception we received. Nor did we expect all the enhancements at the Business School to blow us away as they did. Today’s students at Leeds are blessed with school resources and opportunities to learn and grow that must be unparalleled. What a privilege it was to attend and graduate from Leeds.”

If you’re interested in organising a reunion or plan to visit campus, please get in contact with our LUBS alumni team at