MBA student Tanweer Hassan organised TEDx event

MBA student Tanweer Hassan organised TEDx the University of Leeds event to explore human connections

On September 19th, TEDx University of Leeds was successfully held at stage@Leeds. Tanweer Hassan (MBA 2023) has been instrumental in bringing the event to the University of Leeds 

Through the theme of “UnmuTED: Environment, Innovation and Life”, 12 speakers – from AI developer to co-founder of Too Good To Go, Spotify artist, Leeds University Rocketry Association founder and director, shared their insights and experiences on what it means to be human and human connections, and explored how to rebuild our communities and create meaningful connections in the post pandemic world. 

As the organiser of TEDx University of Leeds, Tanweer shared his initiatives of starting this project, to practise his leadership skills, management skills and seeing the big picture through the TEDx lens. He highly emphasises on collaboration and team efforts on this project, as a visionary leader it is important to bring passionate people together to craft an idea and bring it into action.  

Tanweer received support from Professor Grabill, Professor Edgar Meyer, Deputy Dean of Leeds University Business School, Richard Hodgett, current MBA Director, James Roberts, former MBA Director and Catherine Porter, MBA Programme Co-ordinator. 

 Leeds University Business School provides all the necessary support to test your idea, encourage you and support you to become a leader for the next generation and empowers you with constant mentorship and guidance.

In addition to sharing his leadership journey, Tanweer added some pivotal advice: 

Trust your vision - You need to believe in your vision and be an ambassador for it everywhere. 

Your team is your family - Care for your people, they are the most important member of the whole vision, they are the ones who will bring the combined wealth of knowledge and energy to mobilise the task and make it successful. 

Tanweer TEDx team

Take ownership - No matter what, if things go wrong, take ownership, great leaders are the best example of taking ownership and protecting their people. 

Find a mentor - This is most important when you are starting something new and you need a real healthy conversation, who can understand your vision but at the same time keep you grounded with reality, your mentor will show you a path that you may not even think of. 

Lastly, Tanweer quoted “Be a person to open a door for someone, the Universe will open a door for you" 

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