Zinovijus Ciupijus

Lecturer in HRM and Employment Relations

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Staff, Academic, Work and Employment Relations, Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC)
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Curriculum Vitae:
Zinovijus Ciupijus CV
Migration process, labour migration, labour mobility in the EU, ethnic intolerance, HRM, work and society in Central Eastern Europe


PhD, The University of Leeds
MA HRM, University of Bradford School of Management
Bachelor in Psychology, Vilnius University, Lithuania


I completed doctoral research project entitled 'Being a Migrant in the New Destination: the Analysis of Social and Labour Market Experiences of Migrants Residing in a Medium-Sized Northern English Town'.  It examined various aspects of migration (labour market entry, housing provision, formal and informal work) in the local context.

I am a qualitative researcher and tend to use a wide range of techniques and methods to explore the migration process. Primarily, I am interested in individual and household experiences of labour mobility/migration. In my work, I was focused on the relation between post-socialist transformation in Central Eastern Europe, EU enlargement, UK migration policy and individual/family migration. Finally, I was involved in a separate research project looking at the representation of posted Central Eastern European workers in the old EU member states, particularly Germany.

I am interested in the following topics:
•    The role of family in the migration process
•    Labour migration and labour mobility in the EU
•    Ethnic intolerance
•    HRM, work and society in Central Eastern Europe


Undergraduate: Economic Institutions: Labour, Organization of Business, Strategic Human Resource Management, Gender and Equality, Diversity Management, Management, Work and Organisations and HRM research in practice.

Post-graduate: MA HRM core module seminars/lectures, Research Methodology 2, MA dissertation supervision

Other teaching related responsibilities:

Academic integrity champion
Head of the year for BA HRM programme
Deputy directory of MA HRM programme


Refereed Journal Articles

Forde, C., MacKenzie, R., Ciupijus, Z. and Alberti, G. (2015) ‘Understanding the connection between temporary employment agencies and migration’, International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations, 31(4)

Greer, I., Ciupijus, Z. and Lillie, N. (2013)The European Migrant Workers Union: union organizing through labour transnationalism’, European Journal of Industrial Relations, 19(1) 

MacKenzie, R. Forde, C. and Ciupijus, Z. (2012) Networks of support for new migrant communities: institutional goals versus substantive goals?, Urban Studies, 49 (3)

Ciupijus, Z. (2011) ‘Mobile Central Eastern Europeans in Britain: successful EU citizens and disadvantaged labour migrants’, Work, Employment and Society, 25(3)

Ciupijus, Z. (2010) ‘Ethical pitfalls of temporary labour migration: a critical review of debates’, Journal of Business Ethics, 27(1)


Book reviews

Ciupijus, Z. (2016) Book review Khalaf, A. et al. ‘Transit states: labour, migration and citizenship in the Gulf’, Work, Employment and Society, 30(3)

Ciupijus, Z. (2012) Book review Ruhs, M. and Anderson, B. (eds) ‘Who Needs Migrant Workers? Labour Shortages, Immigration and Public Policy’, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 50(1)

Ciupijus, Z. (2011) Book review ‘Migrant Women Transforming Citizenship: Life-stories from Britain and Germany’ by U. Erel (2009), Sociology, 45(6)

Ciupijus, Z. (2009) Joint Book Review ‘Migration and Domestic Work: A European Perspective on a Global Theme’ edited by Lutz, H (2009) and 'Exploited: Migrant Labour in the New Global Economy London' by Shelly (2007), Work, Employment and Society, 23: 797-800


Other publications

MacKenzie, R., Ciupijus, Z. and Forde, C. forthcoming ‘Kinship networks’ in Gall, G. Handbook on the Politics, Work and Society, Edward Elgar

Ciupijus, Z. (2012) ‘Talking about ‘labour camps’ in post-2004 Europe: lived experiences of work, transnational mobility and exploitation among Central Eastern European migrants‘, EMECON: Employment and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe, 1

Ciupijus, Z. (2012) ‘Making sense of their own mobile identities in internally borderless Europe: Europeans, Poles, ‘bread’ migrants, Catholics…’, Studia Sociologica (Poland), special issue on migration, identity and ethnicity, vol. 2

Conference papers and invited presentations

You ask me where do migrants live in this town? Well, everywhere…’ Housing experiences of migrant residents of a medium-sized Northern English town’, Annual Royal Geographical Society Conference, August 2014

The spectrums of humanity and inhumanity in workplace relations: exploring the moral economy of employment through the narratives of migrants working in low status and low paid jobs in a Northern English town’, Annual British Sociological Association Conference, Leeds

A soft landing for migrants? Arriving to the UK and entering the local labour market: a case study of a medium sized Northern English town’,  Industrial Relations in Europe (IREC) conference, Bucharest, September 2013

Migration to a Northern English town: locating mobility narratives within the axis of time and space’, Annual Royal Geographical Society Conference, August 2013

Polish households in movement: labour market and social experiences of Polish families in Britain’, British University Industrial Relations Association Conference, University of Bradford, June 2012

'The NHS is the main problem for them in Britain... The issues of health and healthcare in the lives of Polish labour migrants in Britain', Annual British Sociological Association Conference, University of Leeds, April 2012

Moving to an unpromising place: the dynamics of migrants’ labour market experiences in a restructured local economy’, International Labour Process Conference, University of Stockholm, March 2012

Slowly changing for the better? Labour Market Mobility of Central Eastern European migrants in Britain’, European Sociological Association conference, University of Geneva, 2011 September

'This is not a workplace, it is a labour camp...Central Eastern European (CEE) migrant workers in Britain reflect on their employment experiences in a glass repackaging plant', Industrial Relations in Europe (IREC), Barcelona, September 2011

Reluctantly becoming a multicultural town? The politics of migrants’ inclusion and exclusion in an ethnically homogenous urban locality in Northern England’, Conference on Global Migration and Multiculturalism: Religion, Society, Policy and Politics, University of Surrey, June 2011

Being newcomers in hinterland or how migrants build social networks in urban space, which does not have a tradition of inward mobility from abroad. The case study of emerging migrant households and communities in a Northern English town’ with MacKenzie, R. and Forde, Ch., Annual British Sociological Association Conference, London School of Economics, April 2011

Stranded between new borders and old boundaries? Exploring social agency of contemporary ‘Eastern’ European migrants in Britain?’, EastBordNet conference, Catania, Italy, January 2011

The experience of migration and images of homeland: mobile Central Eastern Europeans and their narratives of ‘home’, Jagellonian University, Krakow, December 2010

Organizing mobile workers in the enlarged EU: A case study of the European Migrant Workers Union’ (with Greer and Lillie), ESRC seminar series on migrant workers and labour markets, University of Bournemouth, November 2010

Temporary labour migration through a prism of institutional actors' involvement: a study of ethical uncertainties’, invited presentation, University of Stirling, October 2010

How has EU citizenship shaped the agency of labour migrants? Examining the case of mobile Central Eastern Europeans in Britain’, BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference, doctoral stream, Brighton, September 2010

The new EU citizens and migrant workers in Britain: analysing social experiences of Central Eastern Europeans in the local labour market’, Trinity (College Dublin) Immigration Initiative, Dublin, June 2010

Central Eastern Europeans in the Enlarged European Union: Workers, Migrants and Citizens’, Industrial Relations European Community (IREC), Istanbul, July 2009

Central Eastern European migrants in the UK: an agency in making’, CERIC doctoral conference, University of Leeds, May 2009

Routes of alleviation? Analyzing the implications of Eastern European migrants interactions with social support groups’, Leeds Social Science Institute, postgraduate seminar series, October 2008

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