Richard Hodgett

Richard Hodgett

Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Decision Science, Management Division
Programme Director of MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences

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Decision-making techniques, multi-objective optimisation, multi-attribute methods, techniques to mitigate or evaluate uncertainty, innovation and product development, enterprise and commercialisation


  • PhD in “Multi-criteria decision-making in whole process design” from the department of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, Newcastle University.
  • Newcastle Teaching Award, which is recognised at Descriptor 2 of the UK Professional Standards Framework (Fellow of the Higher Education Academy), Newcastle University.
  • MEng in Product Design and Development from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Queens University Belfast.


Richard started his career as an engineer, gaining experience working for an automotive design company in Belgrade (Serbia) and an industrial design company in Gothenburg (Sweden). After his PhD he worked as a Research Associate at Newcastle University where he developed a software tool for analysing complex decision problems in whole process design. Following this he worked in industry as an Innovation Specialist developing an electronic toolkit that is now used by some of the world’s leading companies in the pharmaceutical and speciality chemical sectors. In 2014, Richard joined the University of Leeds as a Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science where he helped to establish the MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences and the BSc in Business Analytics. Richard is active in both teaching and research. With regards to teaching, Richard has designed and developed three new masters level modules and one new undergraduate module. He also regularly delivers bespoke analytical training courses for individual companies and to wider groups through the Consumer Data Research Centre. With regards to research, Richard works mostly on applied analytical problems and leads a number of projects across a range of industries. He is currently working on research projects in the music industry, the pharma and speciality chemical industries, medicine, property and real estate, finance and policing. In 2018, Richard took over as Programme Director of the MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences.


Richard is a multi-disciplinary researcher who is interested in applied analytical problems. He is interested in multi-criteria decision-making, multi-objective optimisation, methods and techniques for handling uncertainty, predictive modelling and the development of other new/innovate analytical methods. He is currently working on several different projects, a few of which are listed below:

  • Richard is the academic supervisor for a InnovateUK/ESRC funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership in collaboration with a successful music label. He is working alongside Prof. Barbara Summers and Dr. Sajid Siraj. The aim of the project is to develop a system utilising machine learning, artificial intelligence and decision science methodologies to support and enhance the identification of new musical talent and maximise the profitability of the talent identification process.

  • Richard is the Leeds PI on a 2year EU funded (€499,369) project titled “Setting the framework for the enhanced impact of SPIRE projects”. He is working alongside Prof. Alan Pearman, Dr. Vedran Lesic and a number of industrial partners including Britest Ltd, INEOS, A.Spire, Iris and CRIT. 

  • Richard is working alongside Dr. Frederique Ponchel on supervising two doctoral projects that investigate the molecular and cellular events that trigger the development of immune mediated inflammatory diseases.

  • Richard is working alongside Dr. Iain Clacher and Dr. Simon McNair with AON to investigate trustee, fund manager and consultant relationships.

  • Richard is working alongside Dr. Sajid Siraj to develop new methodologies which can be used to visualise uncertainty in complex real-world decision problems.


Richard specialises in teaching analytics and decision-making approaches. Since joining Leeds, Richard has designed and developed three new masters level modules (LUBS5308, LUBS5309 & LUBS5578) and one new undergraduate module (LUBS2920). Richard enjoys teaching practical skills and supports the use of blended learning, teaching the majority of his seminars in computer clusters where the students learn from Richard, the course materials and fellow students.

Richard has taught the following topics as part of his university modules: Data pre-processing, dealing with missing data, hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering, multi-criteria decision analysis, network graphing and visualisation, linear optimisation, goal programming, genetic algorithms, swarm based optimisation methods, variable reduction techniques (PCA / factor analysis), time series analysis and forecasting (exponential smoothing, ARIMA etc.), neural networks / deep learning, naïve Bayes classification, linear/logistic regression, text analysis, simulations, big data systems (Hadoop, Spark etc.), big data platforms (Azure, AWS etc.), databases, SQL and APIs.

Richard has also developed courses for people and groups in industry and regularly teaches courses on analytical content for the Consumer Data Research Centre. He is also writing a new textbook with Dr. Sajid Siraj on how to model and analyse decisions aimed at undergraduate/postgraduate students and industrial professionals.


Richard is an Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Decision Science and the Program Director of the MSc in Business Analytics and Decision Sciences. His responsibilities include developing and delivering MSc/BSc modules, conducting and disseminating research, mentoring students and junior staff, applying for research funding, building industrial collaborations for projects and other opportunities, generating lasting impact for business and society. He supervises PhD students, KTP associates, MSc dissertations and BSc industrial placements.


Recent Journal Articles

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Richard E. Hodgett (2016). Comparison of multi-criteria decision-making methods for equipment selection. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology [IF: 2.601]. Volume 85, Issue 5–8, 1145–1157.

Richard E. Hodgett, Elaine B. Martin, Gary Montague, Mark Talford (2014). Handling uncertain decisions in whole process design. Production Planning & Control [IF: 2.369 | ABS: 3]. Volume 25, Issue 12, 1028-1038.

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