Emeritus Professor John Maule

Emeritus Professor in Human Decision Making, Management Division

Academic, Management, Centre for Decision Research (CDR), Staff, Research Centres, Divisions
Time pressure and decision making; the psychology of decision making


PhD in Cognitive Psychology, Dundee
BA (Hons) Psychology, Durham
Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Chartered Psychologist


2004 to date: Professor, Leeds University Business School
1991-2004: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Leeds University Business School.
1974-1990: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Principal Lecturer, University of Huddersfield
1969-1974: ESRC Research Assistant/Fellow University of Dundee


How individuals, groups and organisations make decisions, particularly in the face of risk, and how we can use this knowledge to help them make better decisions by improving their underlying thinking and reasoning and through the use of structured decision aids. Currently undertaking research on the following:

  • How people perceive and act in the face of risk and the implications these have for effective risk communication in such domains as finance, terrorism, health and food.
  • The effects of mood, emotion and time pressure on risk-taking behaviour and decision making.
  • How people build mental models/decision frames of strategic problems and the influence these have on risk attitudes and decision making.
  • Consumer decision making.
  • Medical Decision Making involving such issues as informed decision making in patients and the use of decision analysis techniques to aid clinical decision making.
  • The relevance of emerging behavioural economic research for financial, legal and other private and public sector organisations.

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Doctoral supervision

Specialist courses to managers and other professionals


Journal Articles 

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