Associate Professor in Economics
Faculty Director of Taught Student Admissions

+44 (0)113 34 30041
Academic, Economics, Applied Institute of Research in Economics (AIRE)
1.18, Maurice Keyworth Building


PhD Economics, University of Leeds
MA Economics, University of Leeds
PGCert Higher Education, Nottingham Trent University
BA (Hons) Economics and Politics, University of Leeds
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


2015 to date: Associate Professor in Economics, University of Leeds
2014-2015:    Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics, University of Leeds
2007-2013:    Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Bradford
2005-2007:    Lecturer in Economics, University of Bradford
2001-2005:    Lecturer in Economics, Nottingham Trent University
1999-2001:    Research Fellow, Leeds University Business School

External Roles

Associate Editor of the journal Economic Issues, 2004 to date
UK member of Working Group on Unemployment, European Commission COST Action 13: Changing Labour Markets, Welfare Policies and Citizenship, 2000-2003
Member of the Royal Economic Society
Member of British Universities Industrial Relations Association




Current research interests

My interests lie mainly in the areas of labour economics, macroeconomic policy and political economy. 

Current projects include:

  • Changing labour markets, occupational change and mobility
  • The productivity paradox in the UK economy
  • Temporary agency work: regulation; wage outcomes; employment progression

Grants and Consultancies

2015-17: ESRC Seminar Series Factor Income Distribution, Work and Employment: Social and Economic Perspectives For more details click here

2010-11: Consultant to Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training on UK labour market (£6,000)

2009-10: Consultant to ACAS on wage-setting in the temporary agency industry (with C. Forde) (£12,000)

2003-4: Consultant to The Nottinghamshire Research Observatory, European Social Fund Co-Financing Project: An Examination of Skills and Economic Inactivity

Refereeing for Academic Journals

British Journal of Industrial Relations; Cambridge Journal of Economics; Capital and Class; Employee Relations; Human Relations; Industrial Relations Journal; International Review of Applied Economics; Journal of Applied Economics; Journal of Cultural Economics; Journal of Economic Issues; Journal of Economic Surveys; Metroeconomica; Review of Political Economy; Review of Social Economy


LUBS2280 Macroeconomic Policy and Performance in Britain

LUBS2500 Applied Economics

LUBS2610 Intermediate Macroeconomics




Director of Taught Student Admissions, Leeds University Business School 

Head of Year 2 Economics Programmes


Journal Articles

(2016) ‘Labour market regulation and the ‘competition state’: an analysis of the implementation of the Agency Working Regulations in the UK’, Work, Employment and Society, 30(4), pp.590-606 (with C. Forde)

(2015) ‘New Labour and work-time regulation: a Marxian analysis of the UK economy’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 39(3), pp.711-732 (with B. Philp and D. Wheatley)

(2014) ‘Workplace relations, unemployment and finance-dominated capitalism’, Review of Keynesian Economics, 2(2), pp.134-146 (with D. Spencer)

(2010) ‘Visions of the future, the legacy of the past: demystifying the weightless economy’, Labor History, 51(1), pp.7-27 (with P. Nolan)

(2009) ‘Economic well-being and British regions: the problem with GDP per capita’, Review of Social Economy, 67(4), pp.483-505 (with D. Harvie,  B. Philp and D. Wheatley) – reproduced in W. Dolfsma, D. Figart, R. McMaster, E. Mutari and M. White (eds.) (2016) Social Economics: Volume 3 – Social Provisioning, London: Routledge

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(2004) ‘Continuities within paradigmatic change: activation, social policies and citizenship in the context of welfare reform in Slovenia and the UK’, European Societies, 6(4), pp. 511-534 (with A. Kopač and S. Wright)

(2002) ‘Driven to abstraction? Critical realism and the search for the “inner connection” of social phenomena’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 26(6), pp.773-788 (with A. Brown and D. Spencer)

(2000) ‘The uncertain foundations of transaction costs economics’, Journal of Economic Issues, 34(1), pp.61-87 (with D. Spencer)

Contributions to Books

(2016) ‘Employment agency’ and ‘Temporary work’ in A. Wilkinson and S. Johnstone (eds.) Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp.122-3 and 436-7 (with C. Forde).

(2013) ‘Market forces’, in C. Santos, M. Higginson, S. Himmelweit, P. Howells, J. Lowe, M. Mackintosh, W. Morgan, S. Parris, R. Simonetti, H. Stone and A. Trigg  (eds.) Running the Economy, Book 2, Milton Keynes: The Open University.

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(2011) The Role of Employment Agencies in Pay Setting, ACAS Research Report Series 05/11 (with C. Forde). Full report available here

(2011) ‘Non-regular employment in the United Kingdom’, in Non-Regular Employment – Issues and Challenges to the Major Developed Countries, JIPLT Report no.10, 2011, Tokyo: The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training. Full report available here

(2008) Agency Working in the UK: What Do We Know?, Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change, Policy Report no.2, CERIC, University of Leeds (with C. Forde and F. Green). Full report available here

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