Gabriel Burdin

Associate Professor

+44 (0)113 3436584
Academic, Applied Institute of Research in Economics (AIRE), Economics
GM.17, Maurice Keyworth Building

Gabriel is an Associate Professor in Economics since May 2017. He got his B.A. in Economics from Universidad de la Republica (Uruguay) in 2007 and completed his PhD in Economics in 2013 at the University of Siena (Italy). Gabriel’s research fields are labour economics, organisational economics, economics of inequality, and comparative economic systems. His research has been published in international refereed journals such as The Economic Journal, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Comparative Economics and Industrial and Labor Relations Review. He is coeditor of Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics and member of the editorial board of Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership (JPEO). Gabriel is also IZA Research Fellow.


Gabriel’s research focuses on labour economics, organisational economics, economics of inequality, and comparative economic systems. He is also interested in behavioral economics and its applications to labour markets and organisations. During the last years, he has conducted a research programme on the economics of worker cooperatives, employee participation in firm decisions and workplace democracy. Funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, he is currently studying how employee representation affects microeconomic responses of European establishments, particularly during the Great Recession ( Gabriel’s work has been recognized through various early-stage career distinctions in his field of research. This includes the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Comparative Economic Systems in 2014, awarded by the European Association of Comparative Economic Studies (EACES), and the Horvat-Vanek Prize in 2010. 


2018/2019 (1) - LUBS3375 Behavioural Economics

2018/2019 (2) - LUBS5144M Behavioural Economics (MSc)

2017/2018 (1) - LUBS3375 / Behavioural Economics

2017/2018(2) – LUBS2420 / Business Economics

2014. Labor Economics. Master in Economics. FCEA, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay 

2014. Research Seminar. Master in Economics. FCEA, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay 

2008 & 2013. Seminars on the Uruguayan Economy, BA in Economics, FCEA, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.



Papers in peer reviewed journals

2018. "The hidden benefits of abstaining from control” (with Simon Halliday & Fabio Landini), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, forthcoming.

2016. "Equality under threat by the talented: Evidence from worker-managed firms", The Economic Journal, 1372 (1403), pages 126-594.

2016. “Workplace Democracy and Job Flows (with Guillermo Alves and Andres Dean), Journal of Comparative Economics, 44 (2), pages 258-271.

2014. "Are worker-managed firms more likely to fail than conventional enterprises? Evidence from Uruguay", Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2014, vol. 67(1), pages 202-238, January.

2012. “Revisiting the objectives of worker-managed firms: an empirical assessment” (with Andres Dean), Economic Systems, 2012, vol 36 (1), pp 158–171.

2009. “New evidence on wages and employment in worker cooperatives compared with capitalist firms” (with Andres Dean), Journal of Comparative Economics, 2009. Vol 34 (4), pp 517-533. 2.
Reprinted in Pencavel, John, 2013. The Economics of Worker cooperatives, Edward Elgar Publishing, The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series.

2009. "Social benefits in Uruguay: why do some potential beneficiaries not apply?" (with Gioia de Melo). CEPAL Review, 2009, Nº 98, pp.141-158.

Working papers

2016.  "Employee Representation and Flexible Working Time," IZA Discussion Papers 10437 (with Virginie Perotin). Revision requested by Labour Economics.

2014. Inequality and top incomes in Uruguay: a comparison between household surveys and income tax micro-data; WTID working paper 2014-1 (with Fernando Esponda and Andrea Vigorito).

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