David Spencer

David Spencer

Head of Economics Division,
Professor of Economics and Political Economy

+44 (0)113 343 4491
Academic, Economics, Applied Institute of Research in Economics (AIRE), Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change (CERIC)
G.25, Maurice Keyworth Building
Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change:


PhD Economics, University of Leeds
MA Economics, University of Leeds
BA (Hons) Economics, CNAA


2013 to date: Professor of Economics and Political Economy, University of Leeds

2004 to 2013: Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Leeds

1998 - 2004: Lecturer in Economics, University of Leeds


My main research interests are in the area of the economics and political economy of work. I have published extensively across a range of topics, including the conceptualisation of work, the changing boundaries between labour economics and other areas of labour research, and the study of the quality of work, worker well-being, and work time. I have wider interests in political economy and the history of economic thought. My approach to research and teaching encompasses ideas and insights from different disciplines and I retain a strong interest in promoting forms of interdisciplinary research and teaching. My research has formed the basis of numerous blog posts and has featured in both national and international media.

I am a member of the coordinating team of the €8.000.000 EU FP7 funded project, Financialisation, Economy, Society, and Sustainable Development (FESSUD), 2011-2016. I co-lead two work packages in FESSUD.


LUBS1585 Economic Institutions: Industry
LUBS2040 Theories of Growth, Value and Distribution
LUBS3925 The Political Economy of Work
Economics Dissertation Supervision at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Level


Head of Economics Division 

FESSUD, Framework Programme 7 European Commission



The Political Economy of Work, Routledge, London, 2009. [paperback and kindle version published in 2010]

Refereed Journal Articles

‘Worker Well-Being and the Importance of Work: Bridging the Gap’, European Journal of Industrial Relations, 21(2): 181–196, 2015, (with J.W. Budd).

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Book Chapters

‘Unemployment, Power Relations, and the Quality of Work’, in P. Arestis (ed.), Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Economic Policy, Palgrave macmillan: London, 38-53, 2011.
‘Investment and Capital Accumulation’, in G. Dawson et.al. (eds.), Economics and Economic Change. Macroeconomics, Open University: Milton Keynes, 487-511, 2003.

Book Reviews

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Reports and Other Publications

‘Cost and the ‘Means-Ends’ Definition of Economics in Lionel Robbins’s Essay: Analysis and Contemporary Implications’, In Lionel Robbins’s Essay on the Nature and Significance of Economic Science, 75th anniversary conference proceedings, edited by F. Cowell and A. Witztum, STICERD LSE, 2009 (with Andrew Brown).

‘Changing Job Quality in Great Britain 1998 – 2004’, pp.70, DTI Employment Relations Research Series, No. 70, 2006 (with Andrew Brown, Andy Charlwood, and Chris Forde)

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