Accounting and Finance Masters’ students take on 5-day bootcamp with world-leading finance simulation company

Last month AmplifyME, the world’s leading provider of simulation-based experiences in finance delivered a bootcamp to all Accounting and Finance Masters’ students at Leeds University Business School.

A 360-degree practical journey with interactive, and realistic learning experience, centred around immersive simulations that cover the full spectrum of roles within financial services, including: asset management, hedge fund trading and corporate finance.

Andreea Bordianu, Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship) in Accounting & Finance says: 

We provide our students with skills that set them apart in a competitive job market. We do this by creating opportunities to practice in a realistic but safe environment. AmplifyME offers students the chance to use their Masters’ knowledge to trade in live markets that further develop their skills. An opportunity to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses for the development of a solid career plan.

Our students received a Level 5 Diploma in ‘Applied Finance’ by the industry-recognised, London Institute of Banking and Finance. What’s more, thanks to AmplifyME’s institutional partnerships with the likes of Morgan Stanley and UBS, 15 of the top-performing students have been fast-tracked to further sponsored training and the potential to be shortlisted for upcoming internship and graduate roles.

Amplify me students

One of our students and academy sponsored prize winners, Fugeng Liu said: 

“The AmplifyME trading Bootcamp made me realise the difference between theory and reality. Although I performed well in previous courses, the simulation illustrates that a good theoretical foundation does not equal excellent practical results. It inspired me to learn more about practical financial skills and real-life financial news. It also helped me determine a career development path more suited to my personality and skills. I would strongly recommend the AmplifyME Trading Bootcamp to other students” 

AmplifyME’s CFO and Co-Founder, Piers Curran said: 

It was a pleasure working with this year's Leeds University Business School Masters’ students. I found the group to be very engaged and eager to learn. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm with which they launched themselves into the practical simulation sessions. Giving them a platform to put the theory into practice and watching the light bulb moments as they piece everything together is extremely rewarding.

Amplify me students

The Accounting & Finance Department at Leeds University Business School is proud to provide a dynamic approach to experiential learning in a safe learning space to practice, test, fail, and succeed. 85% of participants said the bootcamp helped them understand which career path to go down and which role they would be suitable for within Finance.