This module aims at providing students with a foundation in the theory and practice of international business. After this module, students should be able to: demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of International Business and their application to the dynamics and constraints of international business strategy, and understand the uncertainties and the potential for the international expansion of the firm.

On completion of this module students will be able to understand:

  • the principles underlying the internationalisation strategies of firms
  • the nature and theories of the multinational enterprise
  • alternative methods of foreign market servicing: licensing, exporting and direct foreign investment
  • the principles underlying the choice between joint ventures and wholly-owned subsidiaries
  • greenfield ventures and merger and acquisition strategies
  • multinational firms' responses to the dynamics of the external environment
  • regional economic integration and its impact on multinational firm strategies
  • the Triad and the emergence of newly developed countries of Asia 
  • outward foreign direct investment from China and India

Internationalisation strategies; the multinational firm and the international firm; foreign market servicing strategies: exporting, licensing agreements, foreign direct investment; joint ventures and wholly-owned subsidiaries; mergers and acquisitions; strategic alliances; the external environment and the multinational firm; regional economic integration, trading blocs and impact on firm strategies; the Triad and newly developed countries of Asia; Outward FDI from emerging economies; the global factory, globalization and the role of transnational corporations; the role transnational corporations in the process of globalization.