Sally Chan

Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing

+44 (0) 113 343 6847
Academic, Marketing


MBA, Cardiff University
BSc [Hons] Business & Management Studies, Salford University
Postgraduate Certificate in Research Methodology, Faculty of Cultural & Education Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education, Dept of Continuing Education, Plymouth University


Sally has over 22 years’ experience as University Lecturer at various Business Schools in the UK. Her subject specialism is advertising and marketing communications. Sally’s strengths lie in her non-traditional teaching approach that focuses on practitioner input and practice via ‘live’ projects. Sally is also Director of KanGarRoo Ltd and developed multidisciplinary workshops that facilitated the work of artists and designers with marketers under

2014 Director of UserRich Ltd
2012 Director of KanGarRoo Ltd
2006 Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing
2001-2005 Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Marketing & Retail Division, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
2000 Visiting Research Fellow, School of Management, Faculty of Business, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
1998 Marketing lecturer, Shanghai Pudong Education Training Centre [SPETC], China
1995-2001 Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy & Management, School of Business Strategy, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University
1992-1995 Lecturer in Business Policy, Department of Marketing Operations & Strategy, Plymouth Business School, University of Plymouth


Sally has extensive consultancy experience, including observational research for KM Furniture Ltd, Asda Stores Ltd and focus group research for Unimeta BV [under the Design Support Centre]. She was instrumental in developing an innovative User research methodology that evaluates how young children interact with furniture. Sally has considerable empathy with design and her skills lie in her ability to generate visual data for use by designers. Sally continued to use her marketing expertise to help develop KanGarRoo Ltd, eventually becoming Director. More recently, Sally developed and currently offer UserRich workshops for specialist design and marketing courses. Sally was also Manager for the WhyAreWeWaiting Project that looked at the role of the user in waiting space design.


Module Leader:
LUBS 5407 Advertising [MA Advertising and Marketing, MA Advertising and Design, MA Textile Innovations and Branding]
LUBS 5488 Company Marketing Projects [MSc International Marketing Management]


Dissertation supervisions MA, MSc & MBA
Placement tutor [L'Oreal London]
Head of Final Year (BA and BSc Management with Marketing)


Academic Journals

2009 Exploring Cosmetics Advertising in Southern China: An Investigation of Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Journal of Advertising, Vol 28, No.2, pp. 369-393 (with Barnes, BR , Siu, NYM, Yu, Q)

2002 Chinese Entrepreneurship: the development of small family firms in China, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol. 9, No. 4, p.383-399. (with P Poutziouris & Y Wang)

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1997 Review Essay Oxfords South Asians as the Entrepreneurial Middle Class?. A review of S. Srinivasan (1995). The South Asian Petty Bourgeoisie in Britain: An Oxford Case Study. Hants, UK: Avebury. Journal of Asia Pacific Business Review, Sept

Conference Papers

2007 Balancing the ‘Yin’ and the ‘Yang – the transformation and diversification of Chinese family businesses in Britain, IN: Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Management (ICEEM 07), 22-23 March, Bradford University School of Management. ISBN: 978-0-9555425-0-3

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1995 The Use of Student Consultants in Business Education IN: Proceedings of the British Academy of Management Annual Conference, Sept, University of Sheffield.

Working Papers

1999 'Mirrors & Reflections: Self Defence Imagery in TV Advertising', in: Proceedings of British Academy of Management conference on Managing Diversity, 1-3 Sept, Manchester Metropolitan University.

1996 The Overseas Chinese Family Business - Food for Thought for the Second Generation?. in: Proceedings of the British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 16-18 September, Birmingham.University of Aston Press. pp. 7.9-7.10.

Chapters in books

2002 'Sweet and Sour - The Chinese Experience of Food', in: Food in the Migrant Experience. Kershen, AJ (ed). Studies in Migration, Ashgate Publishing Ltd: Hampshire

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