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Mr Fazil Acar

Doctoral Research Fellow

Sian Adams

Events Coordinator

Liz Addinell

Marketing Assistant - Student Recruitment

Nicola Ainley

Alumni Relations Assistant

Dr Gabriella Alberti

Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations

Mr Tony Aldred

Director of Learning and Teaching (Postgraduate), Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing

Dr Murod Aliyev

Research Fellow

Eleanor Allaker

Research Finance Officer

Prof David K Allen

Professor of Information Management

Prof Christopher W Allinson

Emeritus Professor

Ms Sarah Allison

Associate Faculty - Management Division

Dr Ali Altanlar

Lecturer in Credit and Risk

Dr Shima Amini

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Dr Christos Antoniou

FME/ESRC Research Fellow

Matthew Armstrong

Research Degrees Admissions Officer

Dr Sundeep Aulakh

Academic Fellow

Sarah K Avison

Personal Assistant to:
Julia Clarke, Pro-Dean for Student Education
Tamsin Barrow, Facilities Manager

Diary Management for:
Angela Tattam, Faculty Education Service Manager
Nicholas Scott, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Anthony Aldred, Director of Postgraduate Learning & Teaching

Elizabeth Bailey

Professional Development Tutor
Professional Development Hub Coordinator

Su Bain

Graduate Education Service Manager

Dr Vassiliki Bamiatzi

Associate Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Director of MSc Strategic Management in the Global Environment
Director of MSc Global Innovation Management

Tamsin Barrow

Facilities Manager

Larissa Bdzola

Head of First Year, Management

Miss Hamieda Begum

Project Officer

Mrs Julia E Bell

School Receptionist
Postgraduate Admissions Assistant
Mediator (for the University Mediation Service)

Leah Bennett

Executive Careers Consultant

Dr Ioulia Bessa

Academic Fellow - Work and Employment Relations

Mrs Asma Bham

Programme Administrator

Iva Bimpli

Associate Faculty
- Management Division

Sarah Bindloss

Faculty Assistant

Deborah Blake

PG Student Education Service Functional Manager (Assessment)

Miss Olivia Blythman

'Alumni Relations Manager'

Lucy Bolton

Research Assistant
Programme Admissions Tutor – MSc Organizational Psychology and MSc Business Psychology

Dr Andreea Bordianu

Teaching Fellow

Dr Nicola Bown

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology

Dr Konstantinos Bozos

Associate Professor in Accounting & Finance
Director of Postgraduate Accounting and Finance Programmes

Mrs Julia Braham

Senior Teaching Fellow in Management Division - Head of Second Year

Liz Bridger

Student Education Service Assistant: Student Support

Ms Sue Briggs

HR Assistant

Karen T Broadbelt

Human Resources Officer

Dr Andrew Brown

Senior Lecturer in Economics
Divisional Director of Research
Member of Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change

Prof Wandi Bruine de Bruin

Professor with Leadership Chair in Behavioural Decision Making LUBS
Co-director of the Centre for Decision Research LUBS
Subject Group Leader of Decision Research, Management Division

Prof Peter J Buckley

Professor of International Business and Founder Director of CIBUL
Founder Director of the Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds

Dr Gabriel Burdin

Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Paula Burkinshaw

Senior Research Fellow
Leeds University Centre for Interdisciplinary Leadership

Tony Byng

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Laure Cabantous

Visiting Research Fellow

Prof Charlie X Cai

Chair in Finance

Dr Caroline Callaghan

Associate Faculty - Management Division
(Organizational Behaviour)

Dr Militza Callinan

Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management

Joanne Calvert

Student Education Service Support Assistant-
PG Exams and Assessment

Mrs Emily Carlill

Leeds Enterprise Centre Administrator

Angela Carroll

Senior Teaching Fellow
Director, MA Advertising and Marketing
Director of Student Experience for Marketing

Dr Martin J Carter

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Rachel Carter

Student Education Service Assistant (Reception)

Prof S. Tamer Cavusgil

Professor Management Division
Chair in International Management

Dr Anindita Chakrabarti

Teaching Fellow

Sally Chan

Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing

Dr Yanto Chandra

Visiting Research Fellow

Lisa Chapman

Finance Administrator, Centre Innovation in Health Management

Dr Malcolm K Chapman

Senior Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship)

Mr Andrew Chapman

Faculty Finance Clerical Assistant

Dr Simos Chari

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Kausik Chaudhuri

Senior Lecturer

Katarzyna Cichomska

Research Assistant, Socio-Technical Centre (STC)

Dr Zinovijus Ciupijus

Lecturer in HRM and Employment Relations

Dr Iain Clacher

Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance

Prof Jean S Clarke

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Theory

Dr Gail P Clarkson

Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour
Subject Group leader, Organizational Behaviour, Management Division

Prof Chris W Clegg

Professor of Organizational Psychology,
Director of the Socio-Technical Centre (STC), Co-Director Rolls-Royce University Technology Partnership for Design

Prof L Jeremy Clegg

Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration and International Business Management

Mr Matthew S Clough

Faculty Web Officer

Dr Dan J Coffey

Faculty Director, Postgraduate Research
Senior Lecturer in Microeconomics

Bethany Cole

Events Co-ordinator, Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM)

William Collins

Divisional / Centre Administrator for Work & Employment Relations / Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change.

Mr Dan Conboy

Associate Faculty
Management Division

Dr Hugh Cook

Lecturer in Employment Relations and HRM

Miss Anne Cooke

Divisional Administrator
Marketing Division and International Business Division

Rosie Corbin

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Prof Joep Cornelissen

Professor in Corporate Communication

Louise Courtney

Faculty Management Accountant

Mr David Courtney

Research Degree Programme Officer

Sophie M Crabb

Divisional Assistant: UG, Accounting & Finance

Jo Cutter

Assistant Director (Professional Services Research and Innovation Hub)

Dr Matthew Davis

Lecturer in Socio-Technical Systems

Mr David Daykin

Faculty IT Manager

Dr Hannah Dean

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Andrea Denny

Research Degree Programme Officer, Student Support

Prof Timothy M Devinney

Leadership Chair in International Business

Joanne Dickinson

Employability Officer

Michelle Dickson

Academic Administrator to the Accounting & Finance Division
The Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)
and The International Institute of Banking & Financial Services (IIBFS)

Deborah Dimbleby

PA to Head of Economics Divsion

Prof Dr Valeriya Dinger

Senior Research Fellow

Mr Vince Dispenza

MBA Executive Programme Director

Ms Catherine Dolan

Head of First Year, Economics,
Divisional Director of Student Education

Mr Liam Draper

IT & Facilities Technician

Dr Alan J Duboisée de Ricquebourg

Teaching Fellow in Accounting & Finance

Mr Robert Duke

Senior Teaching Fellow

Prof Darren Duxbury

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Prof Gary Dymski

Divisional Director of Research

Malek El Diri

Teaching Assistant

Lorraine Emmans

Marketing Officer
(Taught Postgraduate)

Helen Evans

FESSUD Project Manager

Prof Baruch Fischhoff

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Mr Frederick Flagg

Student Education Service Officer -
Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Prof Giuseppe Fontana

Professor of Monetary Economics

Prof Christopher J Forde

Professor of Employment Studies
Member of Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change
Head of Work and Employment Relations Division

Anna France

Professional Development Officer

Dr Hanna Gajewska De Mattos

Lecturer in Business Development in Emerging Markets
Director of Student Education for International Business Division

Mr Liam Gallagher

Associate Faculty - Management Division

Paula Gallaher

Postgraduate Admissions Assistant

Dr Panagiotis Ganotakis

Associate Professor

Jean Gardiner

Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations

Joanne Garrick

Research Administrator

Prof Bill Gerrard

Professor of Business and Sports Analytics
Programme Director, BSc Business Analytics

Adrian Gibson

PG Student Education Service Officer (Exams and Assessments)

Mr Mandeep Gill

Student Education Officer - Timetable

Sean Gledhill

Blended Learning Officer

Prof Jeff Gould

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Dr Gary Graham

Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Mr Mark Greenhouse

Associate Faculty - Management Division
(Supply Chain and Operations Management)

Dr Ian Greenwood

Associate Professor in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management
Director of Taught Postgraduate Admissions

Dr Martyn Griffin

Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour Group
Management Division

Prof Irena Grugulis

Professor of Work and Skills

Jiaqi Guo

Teaching Assistant

Dr Constantinos Hadjichristidis

Lecturer in Management Decision Making

Karen Hall

Faculty Finance Manager

Mr Daniel Harding

Postgraduate Admissions Assistant

Dr Kate Hardy

Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations

Rachael Hartley

International Officer

Michael Hauptfleisch

IT Support Officer

Alistair Hay

Events and Training Officer (Professional Services Research and Innovation Hub)

Prof John Hayes

Emeritus Professor

Dee Healey

Postgraduate Programme Officer (Assessment)

Dr Peter Heisig

Senior Research Fellow, Socio-Technical Centre (STC)

Mr Patrick Hennelly

Teaching Fellow

Joanne Hepworth

Reprographics/Facilities Assistant

Mr John Hillard

Director of Student Education - Management Division

Dr Richard Hodgett

Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science - Management Division

Prof Jane Holgate

Professor of Work and Employment Relations

Prof Phil Holmes

Chair in Financial Risk Management
Director of Student Education for Accounting and Finance

Diana Holmes

Student Education Service Officer: Student Support

Rachael Howden

PG Student Education Service Manager

Dr Luisa Huatuco

Lecturer In Operations & Business Processes

Helen Hughes

Lecturer in Organizational Psychology
Programme Director: MSc Organizational Psychology and MSc Business Psychology
C.Psychol, AFBPsS., Registered Psychologist (HCPC)

Dr Peter Hughes

Teaching Fellow

Dr Magnus Hultman

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr Jo Ingold

Lecturer in HRM and Public Policy

Mr Liam Irwin

Research Support Officer

Dr Nick Jackson

Head of 2nd Year (Management)
Senior Teaching Fellow in Organizational Behaviour

Hossein Jahanshahloo

Teaching Assistant

Dr Nicholas Jephson

Teaching Fellow in Work & Employment Relations and HRM.

Tao Jiang

Senior Teaching Fellow

Ms Mandip Johal

STC Research Assistant

Jessica Johnson

Postgraduate Tutor, Accounting and Finance

Alex Johnson

Business Development Manager
Centre for Innovation in Health Management

Dr Sally Jones

Lecturer in Enterprise
Leeds Enterprise Centre

Dr Vita Kadile

Research Fellow

Prof Mario Kafouros

Head of International Business Division
Professor of International Business and Innovation

Priya Kapade

PG Student Education Service Officer (Programmes)

Dr Gulbanu Kaptan

Lecturer in Behavioural Decision Making

Elena Karali

Divisional Assistant: PG, Accounting & Finance

Prof Constantine Katsikeas

Arnold Ziff Research Chair in Marketing and International Management
Head of Marketing Division

Prof Kevin Keasey

Chair in Accounting & Finance
Head of Accounting & Finance
Director of the Institute of Banking and Investment (IBI)

Mr Terry Kendrick

Director of Executive Education

Dr Effie Kesidou

Lecturer in Applied Economics
Postgraduate Research Director – Economics Division

Dr Stefan Kesting

Teaching Fellow,
UG Programme Director, Economics
Head of Year Two

Becky Kidner

Study Abroad Officer

Dr Stephen King

Director MSc Enterprise & MSc Business Management (Germany), Senior Lecturer in Information Management

Dr Tim King

Research Officer, Accounting and Finance

Dr Kendi Kinuthia

Senior Teaching Fellow

Prof Ian Kirkpatrick

Professor of Work and Organisation
Director of the Leeds Social Science Institute.

Dr Elko Klijn

Associate Professor

Mr David Laljee

Database Officer

Dr Des Leach

Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology

Natalie Leach

Centre Administrator
Centre for Innovation in Health Management

Sam Leat

PG Receptionist

Heather Lee

Accreditation Manager
Functional Manager for Quality Assurance

Dr Leonidas Leonidou

Principal Research Fellow

Dr Constantinos Leonidou

Associate Professor of Marketing
Director of Research for Marketing

Cheih (James) Lin

Teaching Assistant

Dr Emma Liu


Dr Yeyi Liu


Prof Nigel Lockett

Director of the Leeds Enterprise Centre
Head of Division for Management Division
Professor of Enterprise at Leeds University Business School

Dr Cäzilia Loibl

Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow, Decision Research Group, Management Division

Paula Longbottom

Student Education Service Administrator

Amy Longsden

Student Education Officer (Undergraduate Admissions)

Kay Lowe

Faculty HR Administrator

Jo Lumb

Management Division Engagement Manager

Prof Robert MacKenzie

Professor of Work and Employment

Becky Malby

Director, Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM)

John March

Senior Teaching Fellow in Strategic Management
Management Division

Paul Marchant

"Faculty Financial, Planning and Business

Susanne Marchant

Director of Corporate Programmes

Prof Susan Marlow

Visiting Professor - Leeds Enterprise Centre - Management Division

Dr Liz Mason

Teaching Fellow in International Business

Patricia Mason

Finance Office Assistant
(Working pattern - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Prof John Maule

Emeritus Professor in Human Decision Making
Management Division

Nicola May

Postgraduate Admissions Assistant

Amy May

Teaching Assistant

Nicola May

Postgraduate Admissions Assistant

Nicola McArthur

HR Manager

Maria McCabe

International Tutor

Dr Simon McNair

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Chen Meng

Visiting Research Fellow of IIBFS

Helen Middleton

Education Services Officer (Admissions)
Undergraduate Admissions Office

Mr Michael Millington

Student Education Service Officer -

Dr Nishikant Mishra

Associate Faculty
Management Division

Prof Peter Moizer

Dean of the Business School, Professor of Accounting

Dr Sarah Mollitt

Teaching Fellow

Penny Moon

MBA Admissions Officer

Mrs Joanne Morgan

Divisional Assistant to Management
and PA to Professor Nigel Lockett

Prof Niel Morgan

Principal Research Fellow

Dr Matthew Mount

Lecturer Strategy & Organization
Management Division

Vikki Moyles

Business Development Officer
Executive Education

Natasha Muir

Research Degree Programmes Officer: Student Support

Mrs Samantha Mullany

Head of Marketing and Development

Dr Surender Munjal

Lecturer in International Business
Director, James E. Lynch India and South Asia Business Centre, Centre for International Business, University of Leeds

Ms Eva J Murphy

Executive Education

Mrs Cathy Myles

Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting and Finance
Head of Year, Accounting and Finance

Dr Zhaleh Najafi Tavani

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Alistair Norman

Lecturer in Information Management

Prof John Oakland

Emeritus Professor

Prof Christina Oberg

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Ryan Offutt

Research Assistant
Socio Technical Centre

Dr Yasmina Okan

Lecturer in Behavioral Decision Making

Heather Oldfield

Student Education Service Assistant
(Exams and Assessments)

Dr Elizabeth A Oliver

Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations

Dr Quentin Outram

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Edward Owen

Student Education Service Officer
(Examinations and Assessment)

Dr Serdal Ozusaglam

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Prof Dayananda Palihawadana

Chair in Marketing Education
Director - MSc International Marketing Management

Prof Krsto Pandza

Professor in Strategy and Innovation
Subject Group Leader Strategy & Organization, Management Division

John Parkin

Professional Development Hub

Lynn Pattison

Professional Development Tutor

Prof Alan Pearman

Professor in Management Decision Analysis

Li (Mark) Peng

Teaching Assistant

Prof Virginie Pérotin

Professor of Economics

Holly Peters

IT Technician

Dr Peter Phelps

Lecturer in Applied Economics

Esther Pickering

PG Senior Student Education Service Assistant

Prof Julio Pindado

Associate Faculty

Dr Nick Piper

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Panos G. Piperopoulos

Lecturer in Global Innovation Management

Victoria Place

Student Support Officer

Dr Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki

Associate Professor in International Business
Director of Research and Director of the PhD Programme for the International Business Division

Catherine Porter

Senior Student Education Service Officer
(MBA Programmes Officer)

Sarah Potter

Student Education Service Assistant

Dr Caterina Presi

Senior Teaching Fellow

Hannah Preston

PA to Professor Richard Thorpe, Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation and Professor of Management Development
Also Research Support Assistant

Hannah Preston

Research Support Assistant and PA to Professor Timothy Devinney, Pro-Dean for Research & Innovation

Dr Carla Quesada-Pallarès

Post-doc Researcher

Prof Rob Ranyard

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Catherine Reaney

External Communications Manager

Elise Roberts

Marketing Manager (Student Recruitment)

Dr James Roberts

Director, full time MBA
Lecturer in strategy and innovation

Prof Ivan Robertson

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Prof Andrew Robinson

Professor in Accounting and Finance

Dr Mark Robinson

Senior Research Fellow in Organizational Psychology, Socio-Technical Centre (STC).

Mitchell Robinson

Postgraduate Admissions Officer

Samantha Robinson

Senior Student Education Services Programmes Officer
(Examinations and Assessment)

Dr Jennie Robinson

Director for Undergraduate Management Programmes
Head of Third Year, Management

Jeremy Robinson

IT Technician

Prof Matthew Robson

Professor Marketing

Dr Antonio Rodriguez-Gil

Teaching Fellow in Economics

Miss Victoria Roe

Research Assistant - Socio-Technical Centre (STC)

Dr Alan Roe

Teaching Fellow

Mr Jack Romero

Associate Faculty - Management Division
(Areas of speciality:
Entrepreneurship, International Business
Strategic Thinking, Leadership)

Dr Duncan M Ross

Director International Programmes, Centre for Innovation in Health Management

Dr Charalampos (Babis) Saridakis

Associate Professor of Marketing

Marianne Savory

Professional Development Tutor (HRM)

Prof Malcolm Sawyer

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Melissa Schuessler

International Education Development Manager

Nick Scott

Director of Undergraduate Student Education

Debbie Senior

Student Support Coordinator

Jill D Senior

PG Student Education Service Officer (Student Support)

Dr Suman Seth

Lecturer in Economics

Sarah Shaw

Research Manager

Dr Nicky Shaw

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management

Karen Shaw

Student Education Service Manager

Alice Shepherd

Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting and Finance

Dr Helen Short

Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Prof John Shotter

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Sanaz Sigaroudi

ESRC Management and Business Development Fellow

Dr Emilee Simmons

Teaching Fellow in Enterprise
Leeds Enterprise Centre

Jessica Sims

Management Division Centre Co-Ordinator

Candida Skinner

Postgraduate Operations Manager

Dr Gary Slater

Senior Teaching Fellow
UG Faculty Admissions Director

Dr Andrew Smith

Joint Lectureship with Institute for Transport Studies (ITS)

Mrs Hayley Smith

Divisional Administrator
Marketing Division and International Business Division

John Smith

Principal Teaching Fellow in Accounting & Finance
Director of Undergraduate Accounting and Finance Programmes

Nicola Smith

Professional Development Tutor

Mr Steve South

Associate Faculty - Management Division
(Leadership, Senior Management and Change Management Specialist)

Prof David Spencer

Head of Economics Division
Professor of Economics and Political Economy

Laima Spokeviciute

Teaching Assistant

Marion Sposito

Student Education Service Assistant

Dr Stavroula Spyropoulou

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr Abhishek Srivastav

Teaching Fellow

Prof Clifford Stott

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Prof JoNell Strough

Visiting Professor - Management Division

Prof Mark Stuart

Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations
Director of CERIC.

Prof Barbara Summers

Professor of Human Judgment and Decision Making
Co-Director, Centre for Decision Research

Mr Chris Sutcliffe

Student Education Service Assistant
(Undergraduate Programmes)

Angela Tattam

Faculty Education Service Manager

Dr Andrea L Taylor

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Decision Research, Leeds University Business School

Research Fellow, School for Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Dr Aristeidis Theotokis

Associate Professor of Marketing

Michael Thomas

Postgraduate Conversion Manager

Kira Tipping

Research Degrees Admissions Assistant

Prof Jennifer Tomlinson

Professor of Gender and Employment Relations

Prof Steve Toms

Chair in Accounting

Dr Jeremy Toner

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Mrs Joanna Townend

Senior Teaching Fellow -
Management Division

Dr Vera Trappmann

Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations

Lydia Triner

PG Admissions Assistant

Emma Trowsdale

Faculty Finance Officer

Martin Tudge

Core Services Manager
Executive Education Team

Dr Richard Tunstall

Director, MSc Management
Lecturer in Enterprise, Leeds Enterprise Centre

Sarah Twist

Education Services Officer (Admissions)
Undergraduate Admissions Office

Dr Muhammad Moshfique Uddin

Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting and Finance

Dr Charles Umney

Lecturer in Work and Employment Relations.

Dr Sarah Underwood

Deputy Director of the Leeds Enterprise Centre
Associate Professor of Enterprise

Danat Valizade

Research Assistant

Prof Francesco Vallascas

Chair in Banking

Mr John Vaughan

Senior Teaching Fellow

Liam Verity

Maketing Officer (UG & PG)

Julie Verity

Faculty PA to Cathy Cassell, Terry Kendrick and Tamsin Barrow

Dr Marco Veronese Passarella

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Gianluca Veronesi

Associate Professor in Accounting & Finance
Programme Director of the MSc Law and Finance

Dr Ilias Vlachos

Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management
Leeds University Business School, Logistics, Information, Operations and Networks subject group (LION).

Dr Hinrich Voss

Lecturer in International Business

Miss Lucinda Walker

Programme Administrator

Dr Elizabeth (Yi) Wang

Senior Teaching Fellow

Dr Bo Wang

Deputy Director of Leeds International Business Confucius Institute

Ellen Wang

Confucius Institute Support Officer

Susan Waterson

Postgraduate Admissions Manager

Dr Kathryn Watson

Research Impact Manager

Prof Annie Wei


Anna Wellard

Alumni Relations Manager

Mr Robert Whieldon

Director of Small Business Programmes

Dr Vaughn White

Associate Faculty
Management Division

Catherine Wilkinson

Blended Learning Enhancement Manager

Sian Williams

MBA Programmes Officer

Tracey Wilman

Senior Education Service Officer (Admissions)
Undergraduate Office

Prof Nick Wilson

Professor of Credit Management
Director of the Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC)

Prof Thomas Wilson

Visiting Professor - AimTech Research Group
Management Division

Ms Julie Wilson

Associate Faculty - Management Division
(Organizational Behaviour)

Prof Chee Yew Wong

Professor of Supply Chain Management
Subject Group Leader Logistics, Information, Operations and Networks (LION), Management Division
Director of the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR)

Peter Wood

Associate Faculty

Janet Wood

Secretary, Centre for International Business (CIBUL)

Dr Jamie Woodcock

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Nicola Woolley

Undergraduate Programmes Officer

Anya Wright

Student Education Service Officer (Admissions)

Dr Jie Wu

Associate Professor

Dr Gaston Yalonetzky

Director of Postgraduate Economics Programmes

Prof Michael Yates

Visting Professor - Management Division

Ms Joanna Ying Ye

Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting and Finance
Head of First Year, Accounting & Finance

Dr Ghasem Zaefarian

Lecturer in Marketing
Associate Editor, Industrial marketing Management

Dr Luisa Zanchi

Lecturer in Economics

Dr Jacky (Qi) Zhang

Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance