An Introduction to Visual Network Research: Visual Tools for the Collection and Analysis of Data on Social Networks

09:00 - 17:00
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Leeds University Business School

Dedicated methods for the visualisation of quantitative data on social networks have advanced our understanding of social networks in significant ways. In contrast, qualitative methods for (co-)creating network maps or ‘sociograms’, once prominent among the founders of network research,  for a long time received comparatively little attention. Over the past decade, this imbalance has been addressed by scholars developing novel methods for research into personal and organisational networks.

Paper-based and digital tools for the co-creation of network maps make for a more engaging collection of network data and enable researchers to overcome some of the limitations of conventional network surveys. This workshop provides a comprehensive introduction into such methods and how they can be used in conjunction with interview-based techniques and surveys

It aims at doctoral and post-doctoral researchers interested in qualitative and mixed-methods research on social networks. Topics that will be covered are:

·        An introduction to visual network research
·        Using visual tools for the collection of qualitative and quantitative data on social networks
·        Co-creating digital tools for data collection: Lessons learnt and best practice

Hands-on exercises will give participants the opportunity to try out at least one of the techniques. 

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