Dr Zlatko  Bodrožić

Dr Zlatko Bodrožić


PhD, University of Helsinki (Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research)

Certificate for Higher Education, University of Hamburg

MSc, University of Hamburg

Dr. Zlatko Bodrožić is an Associate Professor in Technology, Organisation and Sustainability at the University of Leeds. As in his dissertation on the evolution of organisational change interventions, his work prioritizes the combination of theory and practice.

Prior to joining the University of Leeds, Zlatko has led complex transformation projects with various partners (e.g., businesses in various industries, including Airbus and various IT firms, as well as public-sector and non-profit organisations). In parallel with this work, he has taught at the Universities of Bonn, Hanover and Milan. Since 2008, he has attracted over 200,000 £ in research funding. If you are interested in collaborative projects on the digital transformation or the sustainability transformation, please contact Zlatko.

At the European Group of Organizational Studies conferences (2021-2024), he acts as co-coordinator of the Standing Working Group "Organization Studies in the Anthropocene: System Change, not Climate Change".

At Leeds University Business School, Zlatko is co-leader of the new cross-divisional LESS research group that explores system-level sustainability. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact him.

Zlatko is interested in supervising postgraduate researchers with a focus on the digital transformation and/or the sustainable transformation. For opportunities for prospective postgraduate researchers see more information here.

In December 2019, Zlatko received the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Research interests

Zlatko's research focuses on the evolution of technologies, organisational paradigms/ management models, and public policy (see for example Administrative Science Quarterly, March 2018; Organization Science, January 2022). In particular, he is interested in epochal transformation processes such as  the digital transformation and the sustainability transformation. His current research interests include:

  • The interplay of digital technologies, evolving management and organisation concepts, and the overall institutional and public policy framework;
  • The use of engaged scholarship approaches such as the Change Laboratory method to study and support the digital transformation of organisations and the transition to a sustainable society;
  • The creation and evolution of key concepts that are used to guide technological, organizational, and institutional/public policy innovation;
  • Understanding the systemic nature of the climate emergency and exploring alternative systems for a sustainable society;


Professional memberships

  • European Group for Organizational Studies
  • Academy of Management

Student education

I am involved in teaching modules related to the following topics:

Digital Transformation;

Sustainability Futures;

Digital Innovation;

Managing Innovation and Technology;

Management and Organization;

Research groups and institutes

  • Adaptation Information Management and Technology
  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change