Richard Hodgett

Richard Hodgett

Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science - Management Division

+44(0) 113 343 0586
Academic, Management, Centre for Decision Research (CDR)
1.19 Charles Thackrah


M.Eng (Product Design and Development) Queens University Belfast

Ph.D. (“Multi-Criteria Decision-Making in Whole Process Design” – Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials) Newcastle University


Before joining the University of Leeds as a Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science, Richard Hodgett worked in industry as an Innovation Specialist developing an electronic innovation toolkit that is now used by some of the world’s leading industrial companies in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, mining and fuel additives sectors. Previous to this he developed ChemDecide, a software tool for analysing complex decision problems in whole process design.

Richard was awarded his Ph.D. from Newcastle University in early 2013. He had previously attained a M.Eng. in Product Design and Development at Queens University Belfast where he worked in the fields of automotive and industrial design in both Belgrade (Serbia) and Gothenburg (Sweden).


Dr. Richard Hodgett’s research interests lie in decision-making techniques including multi-objective optimisation and multi-attribute methods, techniques to mitigate or evaluate uncertainty, innovation and product development, enterprise and commercialisation.


Dr. Hodgett teaches Business Analytics and Decision Science (LUBS5308M) in semester 1 and Forecasting and Advanced Business Analytics (LUBS5309M) in semester 2. The modules provide an understanding of the key concepts and theories used in business analytics, decision analysis and data science but also provides practical training in using these methodologies in a modern business environment. 


Lecturer in Business Analytics and Decision Science


Bigaret, S.,Hodgett, R.E., Meyer, P., Mironova, T., Olteanu, A-L. Supporting the Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding process: R and the MCDA package. EURO Journal on Decision Processes.

Richard E. Hodgett (2015). Comparison of multi-criteria decision-making methods for equipment selection. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Richard E. Hodgett, Elaine B. Martin, Gary Montague, Mark Talford (2014). Handling uncertain decisions in whole process design. Production Planning & Control, Volume 25, Issue 12, 1028-1038.

Richard E. Hodgett (2013). Multi-criteria decision-making in whole process design. PhD Thesis.

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