Dr Murod Aliyev

Dr Murod Aliyev


My research interests follow two streams, which I often mix. The first one falls into global innovation and economics of innovation. I am interested in understanding the behaviour and outcomes of strategic management of intangible assets across borders. More recently, I started looking into the micro-mechanisms of creating such intangible assets within firms and teams, which led me to working with patent data. In a series of ongoing projects, I am using patent data to investigate inventor, team, and firm level factors influencing innovation performance at various levels. The second stream of my research interests is based on institutions, including institutional economics and institutional theory in sociology. International Business research uses institutional theory extensively to explain Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows, Multinational Enterprise (MNE) behaviour and performance outcomes. Along with extending that line of inquiry, I look at institutions from the reverse angle: building on theories of institutional change in economics and sociology, I am studying the impact of foreign activity on institutional change.

I am open to PhD applications with topics related to my research interests.


  • PhD in Economics, University of Leeds
  • MA in Economics and Finance, University of Leeds
  • BA in Finance, Institute of Engineering and Economics, Andijan, Uzbekistan
  • FHEA – Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK

Student education

Current: Small Business Internationalisation and Growth (LUBS2410); Quantitative Methods for International Business (LUBS5219);

Past: International Economic Environment (LUBS2400); Debates & Controversies in International Business (LUBS5234); Economic Theory and Applications (LUBS1950).

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds

Current postgraduate researchers