Mahtab Motlagh

Mahtab Motlagh

Tell us about your degree - why did you choose it? What elements of the degree inspired you to study it?

I liked the course content of International Marketing Management. I researched the university and it made a really good impression by it's successful academic ratings.

What was the best part of your studies here? What did you enjoy the most?

Great lectures from really smart professors. I was part of a big group of students from almost all over the world engaging in weekly interactive seminars, this was a new way of learning for me. 

What were your career aspirations when you arrived? Do you think the experience and skills you gained here will help/helped you in your future career plans? In what way?

I didn't have any career aspirations when I started the course. I wanted to take it step by step and find my stronger skill areas within marketing. The course gave me a clear picture of what marketing is. I then started tapping into different areas to see where my strengths lay. So, the answer is yes. The programme certainly helped me as a base to see what I wanted to pursue.

How has your career progressed since leaving the Business School? Have there been any notable highlights?

It has progressed quite quickly, I rotated from Market Research to Product Management in both an agency and business setting. My time at Leeds boosted my chance of expanding my portfolio and my progression is ongoing!   

Where are you currently working, and what is your role?

I happily work for one of the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world, ReSound. Currently I'm a part of the product management team, involved with our strategic accounts fitting software.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Never stop learning! That's what keeps me motivated every morning. I hope to continue to challenge myself in different areas of the business and strengthen my skills and portfolio. The more I know and experience, the more value I have to offer.

If you are not from the UK, how was the transition to a foreign country? Did the university offer support or services that you found helpful? Can you offer any advice?

It was a smooth interesting experience to move. I'm happy with the support I received.