Dr Sharna Wiblen


Doctor of Philosophy (Talent Management) - The University of Sydney
Thesis title: Talking About Talent: Conceptualising Talent Management Through Discourse

Bachelor of Commerce/ Arts (First Class Honours) - The University of Sydney

Dr Sharna Wiblen is working at the boundaries of talent management, IT and HR analytics with a focus on instigating, contributing to, and shaping informed conversations that unpack the complexity of talent concepts, genuine talent management and future leader talent identification. Key themes in her present research include thinking about the role of mental models, philosophy and epistemology in shaping perceptions about whether talent is a performative (something we do) or embedded (something we have) construct and how the framing of talent concepts influences the use of HR and talent analytics.

Guest lecturing on LUBS5842M - Strategic HRM and Talent Management (EMBA)

Talent Management Human Resource Management Information Technology Human Resource Information Systems Research Methods