Dr Savita Verma

Dr Savita Verma


I am a Research Assistant at Leeds University Business School. I have been involved in a variety of projects spanning different disciplines such as HRM, OB, Entrepreneurship. I worked on different projects such as Women Leadership in Africa, Refugee Entrepreneurship, etc.

I completed my PhD degree specialising in supply chain management discipline titled “exploring the nature and antecedents of employee green behaviours in a supply chain context” under the direction of Prof. Chee Yew Wong and Prof. Kerrie Unsworth at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK. My PhD During my PhD spanning 5 years (2014-2019) I have worked on transdisciplinary research that required knowledge and skillsets in different disciplines such as psychology, organisation behaviour, sustainability and supply chain management. I applied behavioural theories from psychology and organizational behaviour disciplines to better explain the individual level behavioural issues in supply chain discipline.

As part of professional development, I presented at several reputable conferences at national and international level such as European operations management association (EurOMA), Production and Operations Management Society (POMS), British Academy of Management (BAM), etc. and contributed as a chair to some of the sessions. I have also played a reviewer role to refereed conferences like Academy of Management, BAM, and EurOMA.

Previously, I was associated with the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon as a FPM scholar.

I hold a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Research interests

My research interests lie in the areas of supply chain management, environmental sustainability, employee behaviours, behavioural theories.

My expertise is in qualitative approaches and applying different behavioural theories in investigating sustainability implementation. 


  • PhD
  • M.Tech in Industrial Engineering
  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Professional memberships

  • European Operations Management Association (EurOMA)
  • British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)
  • Academy of Management (AoM)

Student education

I have been a teaching assistant on various modules including:

  • LUBS 2027: Leadership in Business, March 2020
  • LUBS 2900: Operations and Supply Chain Management, Jan 2020 – May 2020
  • LUBS5974M: International Purchasing & Supply Management, Jan 2020 – May 2020
  • Leeds International Summer School (LISS), June 2019