Mingchu Wang

Mingchu Wang



  • PhD in Management, University of Leeds (due in Sep. 2021)
  • MBA with Distinction, University of Leeds
  • MSc in Organisational Behaviour & HR Mgt., Peking University
  • BEng in Computer Engineering, Jilin University


Suite H11, Charles Thackrah Buidling, University of Leeds

Thesis Title

How Does Friendship Influence Leader Identity Construction during Critical Business Events in Start-ups?

(Keywords: Leadership, Identity, Start-up Management, Social Network, Power Distance)


Professor Kerrie Unsworth, Dr. Militza Callinan


  • Academic Scholarship from the University of Leeds for MBA
  • Guest Lecturer of the Year Award 2015, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing

Professional Memberships

  • Academy of Management
  • British Academy of Management
  • Associate member of European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology

Extracurricular Memberships

  • Board member of Leeds Community Consulting, Former Strategy Head of Leeds University Consulting Society
  • Chairman of Chinese Scholars and Students Association in Leeds (CSSA-LEEDS)
  • Leeds Chinese Ambassador accredited by Leeds City Council


  • LUBS2020 From Work to Study (TA)
  • LUBS3390 Innovation Thinking and Practice (Facilitator)
  • LUBS5970M MSc Management Dissertation/Project (Facilitator)
  • LUBS5798M MBA Dissertation/Project (Facilitator)


Before the MBA and PhD in the UK, Mingchu Wang was a University Teaching Fellow, a columnist, a national bilingual TV presenter, an education consulting start-up founder and managing partner.

Full CV and References are available on request.

Professional Activities

  • Conference Presentation “How Do Pre-exisiting Friendships Affect the Leader-Follower Relationship and Engagement in Small Start-ups?” European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology. Turin, Italy. May 2019.
  • Conference Presentation “Bosses or Buddies: How Do Leaders’ Multi-identities Affect the Development of Start-ups in the UK and China?” CERIC Doctoral Conference.  Leeds, UK. May 2019.
  • Conference Presentation “Colleagues or Buddies: Workplace Identity Management and Beyond” UoL Chinese Leadership Conference. Leeds, UK. Apr. 2019.
  • Public Engagement Activity “The Enterprise Club: Start-up in Leeds” Business and IP Centre. Leeds, UK. Oct. 2019.
  • Public Engagement Activity “Start-up Day: Identity and Leadership” Santander Work Cafe. Leeds, UK. Sep. 2019.
  • Public Engagement Activity “Leadership+Friendship: Start-up Sustainability?” Leeds Doctoral Research Night. Leeds, UK. Jan. 2019.

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds
  • Workplace Behaviour Research Centre