David Larkin

David Larkin


Prior to beginning my doctoral studies, I worked in the public sector for a number of years in the field of disaster management. During my time in the Canadian federal civil service, I held various program and policy positions related to disaster mitigation and response. 

Research interests

Overall, my research investigates the role of digitalization in the creation of new markets and the transformation of existing ones. In so doing, my research has two primary areas of focus, the first, seeks to understand how firms strategically influence the boundaries and social definitions of nascent markets like smart manufacturing. This research is part of a larger European Commission funded project - Complex and Open Innovation in the Networked Society, which is a collaboration between Leeds University Business School and Ericsson AB. The second area of focus pertains to the regulatory voids or gaps resulting from the introduction of digital technologies into environments like cities. Specifically, I examine the contestation associated with smart city developments and how such initiatives challenge and change institutional arrangements necessary for governing digital technologies in cities.


  • MA. International Development and Globalisation, University of Ottawa
  • BSoc. International Development and Globalisation, University of Ottawa