Hung M. Dao

Hung M. Dao


My PhD project primarily focuses on how consumers respond to the dehumanization of frontline employees. Our team utilizes behavioural experiments and machine learning-based text analyses to tackle our research questions. Before I join the PhD program at LUBS, I was a leader of the market research team at TVPLUS Media Agency (2017), specializing in conducting research projects regarding brand images and consumer behaviour on social media using various natural language processing methods e.g. machine learning, sentiment analysis, data mining. I get a BSc in International Business from Foreign Trade University, Vietnam (2011-2015) and an MSc in International Marketing Management (Distinction) from the University of Leeds (2015/2016). I am currently sponsored by the Leeds International Doctoral Scholarship.

Industry Experience

Leader of the Market Research Team, TVPLUS Media Agency, Vietnam

Research interests

Substantive: Consumer behaviour, dehumanization, digital marketing, visualization, luxury consumption, technology-based service, peer-to-peer consumption
Methodological: Applied machine learning, laboratory and field experimentation


  • MSc, International Marketing Management, Leeds University Business School, UK
  • BSc, International Business, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam