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Developing customised solutions to your business challenges

We can help you to:

  • Grow your organisation
  • Encourage innovation
  • Improve leadership
  • Enhance decision making and performance
  • Manage organisational change
  • Benefit from a shifting competitive landscape

Our Executive Education team connects your business to our world class university and business school. We have broad, practical experience of the commercial world and we understand how to use our connections and know-how to help you drive your business.

Customised programmes

We understand that every organisation is different. For many, the most appropriate Executive Education support is a completely bespoke solution which is developed collaboratively. Our programmes can be delivered locally, nationally and globally and to a series of multiple cohorts. They are delivered by both academics who provide research insight, alongside experienced practitioners who provide knowledge of applying key learnings in the workplace.

All programmes draw on the knowledge and expertise of University academics from a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Big data and data analytics
  • Decision making
  • Finance
  • Innovation
  • International business
  • Leadership and change
  • Marketing
  • Organisational design
  • Supply chain management
Consortia programmes

Consortia programmes bring together a small group of organisations who share similar objectives. In a confidential setting, this customised style of programme provides a bespoke Executive Education experience, coupled with valuable insights into other organisations.

A consortium can be created based on a number of objectives. For some organisations, the major learning comes from benchmarking yourself against organisations in other industries. For others, a mix of organisations within a particular value chain or supply chain may prove to be the source of new insights. In all instances, clear non-disclosure agreements will be characteristic of the approach and the consortium will be typically three or four companies. In addition, we may be able to help forge a consortium approach, by handpicking appropriate partners from our large network of contacts.

Our approach to co-creation

Co-creation begins with a thorough ‘needs assessment’. This is based upon discussions with key stakeholders from your senior management team and participants, together with other relevant individuals in your organisation. Our goal is to ensure that the final programme content is grounded in your organisation’s strategy, is immediately applicable to your participants’ roles, and is integrated with your action plans for the future. 

The next step is to create a programme of activities and collaboratively define the participant list. It is essential that there is a joint understanding of the required outcomes and the value the Executive Education will bring to your organisation.

Once a proposal has been refined and agreed, we manage the logistics of the project with your support. We constantly review the agreed objectives to ensure they are being met, and if required, we will help evaluate the impact of the programme.

This highly customised approach to Executive Education means that you will have pre-programme responsibilities too. These may, dependent upon the programme needs, include requiring participants to undertake pre-reading, a 360-degree individual assessment, and networking activities. We provide an action plan with guidelines so that participants will be well-prepared to get the most from their Leeds Executive Education experience.