Marketing Division Staff

A Mr Tony Aldred Director of Learning and Teaching (Postgraduate), Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing
Dr Dion Ang Lecturer
B Dr Sourindra Banerjee Lecturer
Dr Shankha Basu Lecturer
Dr Alessandro Biraglia Research Fellow
Prof JoŇ°ko Brakus Professor
Tony Byng Senior Teaching Fellow
C Angela Carroll Senior Teaching Fellow Director, MA Advertising and Marketing Director of Student Experience for Marketing
Sally Chan Senior Teaching Fellow in Marketing
Dr Yanto Chandra Visiting Research Fellow
D Dr Vasileios (Bill) Davvetas Lecturer
Mr Robert Duke Senior Teaching Fellow
G Dr Kendi Guantai Senior Teaching Fellow
H Dr Maximillan Gerrath Research Fellow
Dr Magnus Hultman Associate Professor of Marketing
Dr Martin Heinberg Lecturer
J Tao Jiang Senior Teaching Fellow
K Dr Vita Kadile Research Fellow
Prof Constantine Katsikeas Arnold Ziff Research Chair in Marketing and International Management
Mrs Nicky Kinsey Divisional Programme Administrator, Marketing Division
L Dr Leonidas Leonidou Principal Research Fellow
Dr Constantinos Leonidou Professor in Marketing Director of Research for Marketing
Dr Yeyi Liu Lecturer
M Prof Neil Morgan Principal Research Fellow
Dr Jonathan Muir Faculty Online Programme Director
Dr Giuseppe Musarra Research Fellow
N Dr Zhaleh Najafi Tavani Lecturer in Marketing
O Dr Yi-Chun Ou Lecturer (assistant professor) in Marketing
P Prof Dayananda Palihawadana Chair in Marketing Education Director - MSc International Marketing Management
Lynn Pattison Senior Teaching Fellow (Professional Development)
Dr Caterina Presi Senior Teaching Fellow
R Prof Matthew Robson Professor in Marketing
S Dr Charalampos (Babis) Saridakis Lecturer in Marketing
Melissa Schuessler Senior Teaching Fellow (Professional Development)
Mrs Hayley Smith Divisional Coordinator
Prof Stavroula Spyropoulou Professor of Marketing
T Dr Aristeidis Theotokis Associate Professor of Marketing
Z Dr Ghasem Zaefarian Associate Professor in Marketing Associate Editor, Industrial marketing Management
Dr Li Zheng Senior Research Fellow in Marketing