Marketing Division

Only UK school to edit JIM

(Journal of International Marketing)

Leeds University Business School Marketing team

An established and esteemed centre of excellence for scholarly research work

Our supportive research environment and range of collaborative projects and activities serve to elevate members’ research skills and knowledge in order to contribute innovative and impactful ideas to the marketing field.

We specialise in the following spheres 

  • Global and Strategic Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour, Branding and Communications

To learn more about our research and these areas, please explore our research activity page as well as those of our staff members.

Study with us 

We consider doctoral students to be an integral part of our activities and the development of the Division.  We believe in guiding doctoral students’ scholarly research and, in turn, shaping their careers.  Our research environment actively encourages student participation in joint research, conference presentations and journal publications.

Our Division, along with the School, has made appropriate provisions for the research environment by organising frequent research seminars that include student presentations as well as guest presentations by leading academics in the general marketing field.

To learn more about studying with our marketing academics, please visit our research degree pages.

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