Organizational Behaviour Research Group (OBRG) Members

Larissa Bdzola

Larissa Bdzola, Head of First Year Management, Leeds University Business School

My academic background is in occupational psychology. After a number of years in roles supporting learners in higher education, my current interests reflect student learning and engagement. I am particularly interested in the processes around student transition and the first year student experience, the design of effective feedback interventions to enhance learning, and strategies in support of professional development and work-based learning to enhance student employability.

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Paula Burkinshaw

Dr Paula Burkinshaw, Senior Research Fellow, Leeds University Business School

Paula had a successful career in leadership development before returning to postgraduate education five years ago. Paula’s PhD thesis explored the ‘missing women’ at the top of Higher Education, in particular why there are so few women Vice Chancellors. Paula is currently working on a collaborative research project with the consortium of White Rose universities exploring the under representation of women academics in the professoriate. She is also researching gender, age and leadership intersectionality in the retail sector as part of a major organisation’s diversity and inclusion agenda. Paula’s research seeks to develop her theoretical framework around learning leadership through communities of practice of masculinities.

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Catherine Cassell

Professor Catherine Cassell, Deputy Dean, Leeds University Business School

Cathy has research interests in the areas of change, learning and diversity at work. Moreover, she has a longstanding interest in research methodology and the use of qualitative methods in the business, organization and management field. This underpins all her research interests and outputs.

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Gail Clarkson 

Dr Gail P Clarkson, Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour, Leeds University Business School

My research interests concern intra-organizational relationships and how they can be developed to enhance a range of individual and organizational outcomes including health and well-being. Specific current interests include: altruism; co-operation; and job crafting. A second avenue of interest concerns the development and validation of research methods and techniques. I have a particular expertise in cognitive mapping and am currently investigating the application of cladistic analysis and am currently investigating the application of cladistic analysis to this method of data collection.

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Nigel Harris

I am a graduate Mechanical Engineer and have spent most of my life working in manufacturing businesses. Around 20 years ago I bought a small company and spent several years building it to be a much larger entity before buying another business and starting a further one. As these businesses developed I became ever more curious about the processes that lay behind the observable characteristics of a growing company and the experiences of their owner managers. This led to me undertaking a part time DBA research degree which in contrast to dominant theory focussed on the owner manager and their reaction to events experienced in a growing business. I still work part-time as a practitioner in industry  but have maintained a strong interest in research in small businesses and entrepreneurs and methods of study, which accept the non-homogenous nature of their worlds

Nick Jackson

Dr Nick Jackson, Head of 2nd Year Management, Leeds University Business School

Currently, my research interests take me into the realms of cultural behaviour (e.g. ritualistic and routine employee behaviour) and their relationship with organization change. I am also interested in the impact of perceived fairness in organizational change, in particular how employees perceive fairness in the process of mergers and acquisitions. Finally, my primary role in the Business School brings me into contact with pedagogic research and exploring the changing nature of the relationship between the student, tutor and wider university.

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Des Leach

Dr Des Leach, Associate Professor of Organizational Psychology, Leeds University Business School

Des’s current research interests are associated with job and team design, job crafting, creativity and innovation, work meetings, and organizational alliances.

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Jo Lumb

Jo Lumb, Management Division Engagement Manager, Leeds University Business School

I manage a network of senior leaders, practitioners and partners for the management division. I’m lucky to do a job I love; facilitating connections with academic colleagues and connecting theory and practice in student education events. The couple of years hotel and event management was a great training ground and definitely helps me achieve my goals. With ten years’ experience in professional and corporate development roles at the University I am now connecting this with the learning from my first degree (BA Sociology, York) in the Organizational Behavior Research Group. Recent activities with the group include presenting at the British Academy of Management (BAM) Conference; “Let's call the whole thing off? (Did it ever start?): Practitioner and academic perspectives on the use of research in the SME”.

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Dennis MacDonald

Jennie Robinson

Dr Jennie Robinson, Director for Undergraduate Management Programmes, Leeds University Business School

I have a background in anthropology and human evolution, including a PhD in how learning evolved, fieldwork studies in Kenya, and ten years working in a forensic science department before joining LUBS in 2012 (link). My current interests are around pedagogic developments in group and team work, integrating international students, and the cognitive anthropology of the student experience. My overarching interest in is what makes humans ‘tick’ and how they compare behaviourally to other primates and other social animals. 

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Mark Robinson

Senior Research Fellow in Organizational Psychology, Socio-Technical Centre (STC).

I’m an applied research psychologist, working at the interface of organizational and social psychology; although much of my research is inter-disciplinary in nature, drawing on the fields of organizational behaviour, human factors, information science, computer science, and engineering. I have over ten years’ experience conducting research in applied settings, including a number of blue-chip organizations with significant international reputations (e.g., Rolls-Royce). My key research interests are group behaviour, performance, information processing, and complex systems. I also have a broader interest in developing social science research methods.

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