Organizational Behaviour Research Group (OBRG)

The Organizational Behaviour Research Group (OB-RG) is a collaboration of academics and practitioners who have an active research interest in some aspect(s) of organizational behaviour. With the aim of enhancing effectiveness throughout the organization, we consider behaviour at the level of the individual, group and organization. Our agenda is four-fold, to: design healthy, productive and sustainable organizations; attract and develop motivated individuals; foster pro-social behaviour and supportive relationships; and manage the complexities of organizational change.


Congratulations, Jo Lumb!

Jo Lumb, Management Division Engagement Manager, Leeds University Business School

Jo Lumb, Engagement Manager, Management Division, has been nominated by colleagues in the University Alumni and Development team for one of the first University Awards in recognition of her work in establishing and managing “Leaders in Residence”. Jayne Glennon, Deputy Director of Development comments “Jo has provided a professional and valuable way to engage our senior alumni in support of our students, thereby strengthening their connection and interest in Leeds.”

EU Horizon 2020 research grant

Senior Research Fellow in Organizational Psychology, Socio-Technical Centre (STC).
Matt Davis, Lecturer in Socio-Technical Systems, Leeds University Business School

Mark Robinson (Principal Investigator) and Matt Davis (Co-Investigator) from the Socio-Technical Centre and OB Group, together with Clifford Stott (Co-Investigator) from the School of Law, have been awarded €207,387 as part of a successful eight-partner EU Horizon 2020 research consortium awarded an overall grant of €1,398,912. The two-year project will examine the management of pedestrians and passengers in and around transport terminals during routine and emergency conditions. As psychologists, Mark, Matt, and Cliff will be working with computer modellers in the Netherlands to develop behavioural simulation models to inform safety policy in this area. Fieldwork will take place with our industrial partners in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and the UK.


LESTREST (Leeds Stress and Rest Study)

The primary aim of this project is to examine relationships between job crafting, work demands, health (cortisol - stress hormone) with job performance and sickness absence (days off work). 

 Gail Clarkson and Des Leach

SILOET (Strategic Investment in Low Carbon Engine Technology)

This project with Rolls-Royce will develop new capabilities and generate substantial changes in how products are designed and delivered for customers. Researchers are involved in helping the organization to understand and optimise the complex socio-technical systems inherent within it.

Lucy Bolton, Kasia Cichomska, Mandip Johal, Ryan Offutt and Vicky Roe

Research design, method and analysis
Doctoral researchers
  • Lucy Bolton  - Job design and generation Y in the workplace
  • Joanna Licznerska - Altruism in an organizational context
  • Dennis MacDonald - Intergroup leadership in Mergers and Acquisitions

Conference Activity

Academy of Management (AoM)

August 2014, Philadelphia

Lucy Bolton organized a symposium for the 2014 Conference around the future of job design research with participants including Kerrie Unsworth and John Cordery (University of Western Australia) and Michael Frese (National University of Singapore).

Gail Clarkson and VK Narayanan (Drexel University)  organized a Professional Development Workshop ‘The power of language in cognition scholarship’. Participants included Kathleen Carley (Carnegie Mellon University), Matthew Davis (OB and STC, LUBS), David Gefen (Drexel University), and Barbara Summers (Centre for Decision Research, LUBS). Gerard Hodgkinson (University of Warwick) and Rhonda Reger (University of Maryland) will act as discussants.

Matthew Davis organized a symposium on promoting pro-environmental behaviour (sponsored by the ONE and ODC divisions) that built upon the Worldwide Universities Network in this area and features contributions from colleagues at the University of Western Australia (Kerrie Unsworth), the University of Western Ontario (Jennifer Robertson), Griffith University (Janet Palmer, Nick Barker, Malcolm McIntish) and the University of Leeds (Sally Russell, Phillipa Coan). 

Matthew Davis took part in a workshop ‘Teaching students to work in virtual teams: Lessons learned from three virtual team projects’ accepted under the Academy of Management’s Teaching and Learning conference. Matt discussed the task that he ran with Kerrie Unsworth (University of Western Australia) involving Kerrie’s postgraduate OB class and Matt’s MSc Organizational Psychology students. Other contributions for the session came from scholars at Bentley University, Baylor University, University of St Francis, Clemson University.

Association of Psychological Science

May, San Francisco

Militza Callinan presented her paper ‘Are group exercises fair? Group composition effects in assessment centre ratings’ on 24 May at the 26th Annual Convention.

British Academy of Management (BAM)

Gail Clarkson is a Steering Group Member for BAM’s Special Interest Group on Research Methodology. Editor of ‘The Researcher’ a joint project with ‘Research Methods’ stream and ‘Mixed Methods’ Special Interest Group of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), BAM and the ‘Research Methods and Research Practice’ Strategic Interest Group of the European Academy of Management (EURAM).

September 2014, Belfast

Dennis MacDonald (link), Nicola Bown (Centre for Decision Research, LUBS), and Gail Clarkson presented their paper ‘Social identity during mergers and acquisitions: Charting identity in a post-acquisition organization’ to the Identity Track.

Gail Clarkson, Nigel Harrison (Kingkraft Ltd) and Jo Lumb (Leeds University Business School), led on a workshop
Let's call the whole thing off? (Did it ever start?): Practitioner and academic perspectives on the use of research in the SME’ to the Research Methodology Track.

Gail Clarkson took park in a second workshop for the Research Methodology Track. A Workshop on Assessing the Broad Impact of Research’ led by VK Naryanan (Drexel), and colleagues Richard Thorpe (Leeds University Business School), and Abby Ghobadian (Henley).

September 2013, Liverpool, UK

Clarkson, G.P., and Jackson, N.J. (2013). Mixed methods research: Doctoral supervisor and student perspectives. Awarded the prize for best developmental paper

Hartley, K., and Clarkson, G.P. (2013). Shifting identity: The potential and further development of Role Transition Theory.

British Psychological Society - Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)

Lucy Bolton Chaired the January 2014 Annual DOP Conference held in Brighton with Kasia Cichomska as a member of the committee. A number of members of the OB Group have presented at this conference over the years including Professor Chris Clegg who was invited to speak about the group’s contribution to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014.

European Academy of Management

Gail Clarkson is Conference Track Organizer (Istanbul 2013, Valencia 2014) for the Special Interest Group in Research Methods and Research Practice. 

Clarkson, G.P., and Kelly, M.A. (2014). Cladistic analysis of cognitive maps.  Paper accepted for presentation at the Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management, Valencia, Spain, 4-7 June. 

European Association of Work and Organizational Psychologists (EAWOP)

Münster, Germany, May 2013

Bolton, L. E., Hughes, H., & Clegg, C. (2013). ‘What Can We Expect Job Design to Deliver?’ Symposium