Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title
09/11/2016 Fiona Robertson, Leeds Beckett University "Factors that impact on the adoption and diffusion of Integrated Reporting - UK Early Adopter Evidence"
04/05/2016 Professor Michael Adams, University of Bath, School of Management Does the nationality of board members affect the performance of risk-bearing firms? UK insurance industry evidence
10/02/2016 Dr Noor Hashim, Lancaster University Management School Analyst target price accuracy and the incidence of cash flow forecasts
09/12/2015 Hossein Jahanshahloo, PhD candidate Fixing the FX Fix
02/12/2015 Professor Constantinos Antoniou, Warwick Business School Terrorism, Emotions, and Corporate Policies
18/11/2015 Professor Steven Toms and Dr Alan Duboisée De Ricquebourg, Leeds University Business School Promoting your research and developing your profile
07/10/2015 Professor John D. Turner, Queen's Univerity Belfast Shareholder Protection in an Unregulated Market: The Case of Victorian Britain
22/09/2015 Professor Robert Faff, University of Queensland Pitching Research
21/05/2015 Professor Kai Li, Sauder School of Business, Vancouver Do Director Elections Matter?
16/04/2015 Professor Robin Pearson, University of Hull The LMX spiral and catastrophic loss: the near-death experience of Lloyd’s of London 1980-2002
17/03/2015 Professor Steve Young and Dr Mahmoud El-Haj, Lancaster University Live demo of the CFIE web tool
26/02/2015 Professor Charlie Cai and Dr Shima Amini, Leeds University Business School Nominal price level and noise trading
09/12/2014 Professor Kostas Nikolopoulos, Bangor Business School DYI Forecasting: Judgement, Models and Judgemental Model Selection
04/12/2014 Dr Tim King, Leeds University Business School Update on databases
11/11/2014 Professor Rhys Andrews, Cardiff Business School Privatization and prison performance in England and Wales
21/10/2014 Dr Zhan Gao, Lancaster University Management School The performance period in CEO equity compensation: theory and evidence
10/07/2014 Dr Dimitrios Gounopoulos, University of Sussex Does it pay to invest in higher education: evidence from US IPO's
01/04/2014 Professor Jonathan Williams, Bangor Business School Bank Efficiency and Executive Compensation
25/03/2014 Professor Michael McKenzie, University of Liverpool Informed Short Selling Ahead of Private Placements
18/03/2014 Dr Anne Stafford, Manchester Business School School Business: the Academies Programme
11/03/2014 Professor Steven Toms and Katharine Carter Using the M&S archive for Accounting and Finance research
04/03/2014 Mario Hernandez Polytomous Response Financial Distress Models for Listed Companies using Accounting, Market and Macroeconomic Variables
25/02/2014 Shiyang Huang, London School of Economics Trading, Option and Asset Price: The Role of Information Acquisition Cost
18/02/2014 Richard Hong Bloomberg training